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How to Maintenance Lawn Mower – Tips for Renton Landscaping Equipment

Some maintenance lawn mower tips let you get the most from your lawn-care equipment.

To keep the lawn mower well working and for long-term use, we need to establish and follow a certain maintenance routine. This makes it possible for us to troubleshoot and repair some problems during the use of the lawn mower like sharpening the blade, using the appropriate fuel, removing the oil cap, along with the replacement air filter, and so on.

Keep reading and do not miss anything to keep your lawn mower best used for a long time.

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I. Why Do We Need to Perform Lawn Mower Maintenance?

Grass grows very quickly and overgrown lawns attract and shelter harmful pets, so we must regularly use a lawn mower to trim them to ensure a healthy lawn. See how to cover chinch bug damage!

Lawn mowers are a popular gardener’s tool in the landscaping of the garden. To prolong the life of the machine and keep it running smoothly, it is important to perform routine maintenance.

The cost of buying a new lawn mower is not cheap, you have to spend a lot of time and have to pay many times for expensive repairs if not maintained (The repair cost depends on the type of lawn mowers you have). Performing regular maintenance extends the life of your lawn mower, cutting additional costs for you.

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Twice-year maintenance will provide longer, more reliable performance for your lawn mower. A well-maintained lawn mower will help cut your lawn better and cut it clean, helping to reduce the chances of your lawn getting a disease.

II. Maintenance Lawn Mower Routine – Renton Landscaping

Refer to the routine maintenance lawn mower steps below to help owners avoid more costly lawn mower repair projects and prolong the life of their lawn mowers.

Check the Spark Plug

The spark plug is the part that participates in the fuel combustion process so a good spark plug will keep your lawn mower running well. Dirty or loose spark plugs will cause your lawn mower to run slow, difficult to start, and waste fuel.

maintenance lawn mower
Spark Plugs

To check the spark plug, the first thing you need to do is unplug the mower’s spark plug wire and use a special tool to remove the spark plug such as a spark plug wrench or a deep socket wrench. Clean the plug with brake cleaner if it is found that the plug is dirty or corroded. After spraying, you need to let it sit for a few minutes and then use a wire brush to clean the dirty areas and dry with a soft cloth. After removing the stain, put the spark plug wire back in place.

Change the Oil – Maintenance Lawn Mower

Your lawn mower engine oil needs to be changed every 50-100 hours or at the end of the mowing season and before you store your mower in the winter to protect your mower.

First, drain the old oil, fill the lawn mower with new oil, change the oil filter, and then add new oil. After removing the drain plug below the oil tank to let the oil drain out, you can pour new oil into the tank.

Note that you must use the correct oil as recommended by the manufacturer of the lawn mower you have, or you can use a higher grade one. You must remember to just refill a proper amount of oil. Otherwise, the engine will be damaged in both cases of too little and too much oil.

Keep the Mowing Deck Clean

The mowing deck is the part that cut grass, dirt, and debris get caked onto the area above the blades. These layers can cause poor cutting performance, and even become a vector to spread plant diseases around your landscaper.

Use a blower or scrubber to remove build-up on hard-to-reach surfaces to keep the area below the lawn mower floor free of weeds. Using water is best, but always remember to wipe down the mower deck after washing the lawn mower to reduce rust buildup.

Remember to disconnect the spark plug wire, empty the gas tank, and place your mower on its side for safety before cleaning the mower deck.

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Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

When mowers have worn and dull blades, they can’t make a smooth cut so the motor needs extra power to turn the blades. This will tear the end of the grass and make it not pretty.

maintenance lawn mower
Lawn Mower Blades

If you have fast-growing grass that requires frequent mowing then you should sharpen the blade more often. If the blades are not damaged, you can use a file or an angle grinder, or a bench grinder to sharpen them. Don’t sharpen them too much, just sharpen the 3 to the 4-inch cutting edge as the razor-sharp edge will quickly tarnish and cut poorly.

You should also have a set of blades ready to replace if the mower blade is too worn or has been sharpened too many times. The edges are suitable for different lawn mowers, so you should consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for replacement. Maybe you are interested in the best tool to cut sod.

Check the Air Filter

Dirty air filters will put more strain on the engine and keep it from running efficiently, which will reduce the power of the lawn mower and increase fuel consumption.

To change the filter, first, you need to disconnect the spark plug wire for safety. Remove the air filter cover, then remove the cartridge and clean it with a soft bristle brush then replace the air filter cover. Finally, reconnect the spark plug wire.

At the end of each season, you should clean the air filter with a mild detergent. However, if the filter is too worn and really dirty to be cleaned, you need to replace it with a new one.

Check the Engine Fogging

A lawn mower left idle for a long time, especially in winter, will lead to the lubricants in the engine can drain away. This will cause it to corrode and damage your lawn mower by the water in the air.

So checking fogging oil is essential before long-term storage, especially fogging into the air intake of a running engine.

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Replace the Fuel Filter

Just like the air filter, the fuel filter cleans all the fuel going from the fuel tank into the engine. When fuel is delivered to the engines it makes the engine run easier and more efficiently

Clean fuel is also one of the factors that help your lawn mower last longer. You need to drain the remaining fuel in the tank before storing it in the winter because leaving old gas in the tank will cause corrosion, leading to the fuel tank being damaged. Consult the owner’s manual of the gas for the lawn mower for your safety without damage.

maintenance lawn mower
Oil Tank in Lawn Mower

Check Tire Pressure

Bad tire pressure will cause the lawn to be mowed unevenly. Because flat tires will create friction on the engine, unbalance and reduce the efficiency of the lawn mower. So, no matter what type of lawn mower you are using, it is essential to regularly check the air pressure of your tires.

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III. Some Maintenance Lawn Mower Tips – Landscaping Renton

For your safety, make sure the mower is off and all moving parts have stopped before performing any maintenance, cleaning, or inspection on your lawn mower. For a gasoline-powered lawn mower, you will need to unplug the spark plug or disconnect the mower from the mains or remove the safety key.

Before mowing the lawn, remove rocks and any other obstructions from the yard and lawn as they can damage your lawn mower.

If your lawn is still wet due to recent watering or rain, pause mowing and wait until it dries. This prevents the deck from becoming clogged with debris.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your mower in replacing parts as maintenance can vary depending on the type of lawn mower you have.

Check the cord and battery on the electric lawn mower to make sure both are still in good condition.

Check the belt, if there are cracks and wear on the belt, the unit will not have enough power to cut the lawn.

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