10 Unique Front Yard Fence Ideas on Your Budget

Backyard fences are something obviously required for the safety and privacy of our sacred spaces. A fence can become a functional case or a decorative framework, but sometimes, both! Many homeowners own their backyard fence but wonder whether they need a front yard fence. In spite of being less regular, it doesn’t mean that front yard fence ideas are never heard of.

Front yard fence styles become more and more flexible, which can play a role as a privacy fence to guard your home from prying eyes, keep your lovely kids and pets within safe boundaries or combine your dream of a beautiful front yard to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Whatever your vision, there is a bunch of front yard fence options that meet your aims. From wrought iron fencing to the picket fence, wood to the stone fence, the aesthetic beauty and peace of a front yard fence will satisfy what you want for security.

Check out these 10 front yard fence ideas to find out which one is for you. We also provide what to consider when putting a fence into your front yard.

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We are not mentioning a chain-link fence here! Perhaps chain-link fencing has nothing to do with security purposes. There are now several traditional fence styles available with the use of other durable materials, instead of just wood or metal. You can choose a fence design made from vinyl for the best maintenance, except for occasional cleaning. From a distance, no one can distinguish between a wood fence and a vinyl one.

vinyl front yard fence

A split-rail fence is one of the most common traditional fences for the front yard. It especially brings a natural feeling when combined with landscaping plants in the countryside. Although a rail fence cannot keep your pets and kids totally enclosed behind the yard fence, it provides a wonderful boundary for the front yard with cost-effective installation.

split rail fence

Or you can install a driveway gate as a front yard fence, which is the perfect combination of security and style when you can manage who comes into your property. There are several designs with different ways for you to control the gate, including remote controls, a manual gate with a latch, and motion sensors. However, with this design, you need to spend more time cleansing and greasing with the cost of about $800 – $4,000 for materials.

driveway gate


For modern architecture, the first and most popular way is to add horizontal slats into a traditional front yard fence. Consider painting it with other bright colors and replacing the materials with a warp-resistant species of hardwood or standard wood stained. You don’t need to sacrifice totally your existing yard fence design to make room for a contemporary look all of your own.

modern horizontal fence

Even the most basic wood fence bears a modern appearance when installed horizontally. The hallmark of contemporary architecture includes geometric forms and glossy lines with smooth surfaces. That’s why arranging the wooden posts horizontally makes the fence take on a brick-like pattern that appropriately suites modern patterns of surroundings. A fence design with horizontal slats can bring you an eye-catching look for your home’s curb appeal.

Galvanized metal panels will make your front yard fencing style more attractive and unique. Sleek lines along with stainable and warm wood smooth surfaces can enhance the Zen-like simplicity of a contemporary design but mid-century architecture. This modern design will create a touch of class into your existing landscaping ideas.

Zen-like design

You can also mix the pure beauty of wood with modern metal to draw attention to the black color.

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Existing stone and masonry in your home could be reproduced by using the same tone and textures for a front yard fence. This gorgeous design is made of horizontal metal rails along with a smooth base with concrete blocks. Concrete columns can create a classic and eternal statement with a fashioned look.

masonry front yard fence

A low stone wall might bring you back to the countryside area, but combining it with wrought-iron fencing will enhance the elegance of your front yard. Even if your home’s details do not contain any stone or brick elements, you still can bring these natural features into front yards.


A metal front yard fence, which is made of aluminum or steel, can mimic European estates to bring modern designs to condos. In general, most homeowners use black color for a metal fence, however, you obviously can choose others for your home (but remember to consider the exterior’s tone). With piked railheads, this is an ideal option for security purposes when protecting your child and serving a decorative look at the same time.

wrought iron fence

You can totally pair wrought iron fences with concrete or stone columns will create not only creative touches but also a strong entrance for front yard landscaping. There are limitless colors and shapes of wrought iron or aluminum fences that you can choose instead of keeping your design all one color. And the cost to install an aluminum fence is affordable with $20 – $35 per linear foot for materials purchased.


You can build a privacy fence with any materials that you find attractive – wood, vinyl, metal, or composite. If you want to install a fence to keep your neighborhood sight out of your atmosphere, consider a vinyl fence of 8 feet tall. The vertical fence idea can best protect your privacy but you can still see through when looking straight on.

This is one of the most cost-effective designs but matches almost all of the landscaping ideas.

vertical front yard fence


It’s best to make attraction to your front gate with bright color and with other different materials distinguished from the fencing. For example, if you have a basic white picket fence, you can landscape the front door with a curved top gate to honor the front yard best. This difference is the most common way to blend the gate with the surroundings without changing its structure.

Front Yard Fence Gates

Also, you can consider installing driveway gates to offer a peaceful design in a security fence.


Another popular design for front yard fence ideas is a vinyl fence. You will never need to be concerned about repainting or regular maintenance for a vinyl picket fence. You can expect to pay for $20 – $25 per linear foot for material costs – higher than wood fences but far less maintenance. It just needs rinsing off with water occasionally if you notice any dirt.

Vinyl Fences

Remember to choose 100 percent pure vinyl when purchasing. Recycled materials will cost you less but might contain some errors, such as cracks, in cold weather and lead to other unwanted repairs.


Wooden fences are not far from our sight. Due to its versatility, timber provides your property with several functions. A wood fence can be used in both public and private enclosures that you can landscape depending on your preferences. You can also mix wood with a black metal framework or other materials to add interesting warmth to the front yard.

wood fence


It might come to a white picket fence for almost American homes, which they called “American dreams”. This classic fence is made of wood with spaced uprights in many forms. Although the picket fence has nothing to do with privacy or security, many homeowners in America still prefer this design since it marks a pretty boundary between your neighborhood and your private home.

Craftsman-style picket fences


Trellis climbing vine is one of the best landscaping ideas when plating along the garden fences. This type of plant can optimize your outdoor living space instead of a shrub. The iris, lavender, rose, or tulip is something that cannot be defeated when you mention planting flowers along the fence. This is a wise way to brighten up your boring fence and make it more stunning.

trellis on garden fence

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Fences can run along with your property, including both the backyard and front yard. Wherever you have fencing, it can keep your privacy out of awkward situations with your neighbors. However, if you don’t have any problems with security and your kids are not concerned, a taller front yard fence is actually not necessary.


We cannot tell exactly a fence height you should have since it depends on your local regulations. However, many professionals recommend a front yard fence of around 3’ to 4’ while a side fence or backyard fence is taller – with normally 6’ in height.


It is clear that you can install a fence by yourself. But if you want creative landscaping ideas with a fence without any mistakes during the installation, call a professional landscaper to help you. Installing a fence is not cheap and you will not want to waste your money on mess. A qualified professional will know which is better for your front yard and can reach all of your fence’s potential.

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