12 Outdoor Water Features Ideas for Backyard in 2022

During the process of landscaping a new outdoor living space, some small details might be overlooked that many homeowners will even not notice. One of the most popular ways to upgrade your yard garden is by adding backyard water feature ideas into your outdoor space. Water features come in various examples which are often used for home landscape designs, including waterfall, water fountain, pond with plant life – known as a water garden, and so on.

Whether you want a water feature as an ahead plan or an additional feature to enhance your existing backyard garden, it is always worth taking the time to implement this great addition into the overall design of your garden space. Water features with the tranquil sound, along with the draw for birds will contribute major value and relaxing vibe to even a small backyard. The soothing sound of water features not only provide relaxing touch, generate stress relief but also add natural beauty through both classic and modern water features.

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  • What to Consider When Landscaping Outdoor Living Space with Water Feature
  • Types of Water Fountain
  • Size of Backyard Space and Outdoor Fountain
  • Material
  • Style and Design
  • Additional Features
  • Top Pick Ideas for Outdoor Water Features
  • Bubbler Fountain
  • Rock Fountain
  • Wall Fountain
  • Log Fountain
  • Spout Water Feature
  • Ponds
  • Small Backyard Pond
  • Pondless Waterfalls
  • Create Natural Water Feature with Waterfalls
  • Light Up the Night of Outdoor Patio Spaces
  • Create Focal Point with Courtyard Fountain
  • Modern Water Feature with Patios


Some people find that the sound of running water is very peaceful, so adding a water feature to the outdoor living space might be the perfect choice for them. An outdoor fountain may provide the relaxing sound of running water without the need to purchase a new property with a natural stream.

Types of Water Fountain

There are hundreds of distinct designs for outdoor water fountains, however, they can all be divided into three categories: tabletop, wall-mounted, and freestanding fountains. In addition, there are also some other types of the water fountain and we will give you some examples:

  • Tabletop fountains: These fountain features are tiny and intended to be placed on an even surface, the same as a patio table. They’re straightforward to assemble, and their smaller size and less weight make them portable.

  • Wall-mounted fountains: These water features are attached to a wall or the side of a home and do not require any table or surface area. They are a good alternative for adding a water fixture to a small area. These fountains need some assembly, but once erected, they serve as a lovely piece of your outdoor space.

  • Freestanding fountains: They are fountain features that stand alone on the floor. They may be used as a focal point or to fill a patio corner, all they need is a flat floor and a power supply nearby.

In addition, there are also some other types of outdoor fountains and we will give you some examples:

  • Cascading fountain: Water trickles down into a reservoir in a cascading fountain. A cascading fountain could feature a small bowl on top, a large bowl underneath it, and an even larger bowl beneath the previous bowl. The first bowl fills up with water, which cascades down to the bowl below, and so on. This collection includes many of our huge outdoor fountains.

  • Raining fountain: A raining fountain resembles a pearled curtain made of cascading water. This outdoor fountain is a focal point for your garden and may add a lot of charm to it. The frame for this sort of fountain is available in a variety of styles. These fountains may be adjusted to your preference and to suit your environment.

Size of Backyard Space and Outdoor Fountain

Outdoor water fountains come in a variety of sizes, from modest patio-table types to tall and regal showpieces. A small fountain is better suited to small outdoor space, whilst a huge fountain may serve as the ornamental focal point of a garden or yard. Water capacity is also affected by fountain size, with smaller fountains requiring less water and large fountains requiring more water.

Outdoor fountains may be fairly heavy, depending on their size and construction, especially when full of water. They can range in weight from a few pounds to almost a thousand pounds, so you have to ensure the surface can withstand the weight. A heavier fountain may be a great choice for persistent, freestanding installations, and these will be fairly durable to withstand poor weather. Lightweight construction is preferable for tabletop or wall-mounted fountains.


Because outdoor features are subjected to intense sunshine and inclement weather, selecting a long-lasting fountain material is a wise decision. Look for durable materials and easy-to-clean designs that can sustain outdoor use.

Common materials that withstand outside environments include resin, fiberglass, porcelain, bamboo, metal, stone, and concrete. Polyresin is widely used because of its high durability and flexibility to be molded and fashioned into a variety of textures that can simulate stone or wood.

The outdoor water feature is exposed to direct sunlight that most fountains are weather-resistant since they are built of water-resistant or waterproof materials to adapt to even the bad weather in the outdoor living area. However, bear in mind that fountains can still become unclean, mildewed, or sprout algae due to a mix of dampness, water sediments, and being outside. Outdoor water fountains, regardless of material, will require cleaning on a regular basis.

Style and Design

Outdoor water fountains have various styles to complement any decor style, from simple to modern or even special. Look for a fountain design that complements your outdoor decor, and think about harmonizing the fountain style and color scheme to your landscape, fixtures, or furnishings.

Consider the water attachment type and water stream pattern in addition to the overall appearance. Water attachment styles can range from percolating spheres to twisting bamboo paths to descending stone or ceramic bowls. The levels, the distance between each attachment, and the form of the attachment all influence the fountain design and water stream pattern.

Additional Features

LED light

Lighting, rolling ball, and integrated foggers can improve the aesthetics of an outdoor water fountain. During the nighttime hours, built-in lights provide calming illumination, creating a magnificent backdrop for resting or entertaining. For a relaxing radiance, these fountains frequently incorporate energy-saving led lights.

Some fountains have a rolling-ball component that floats from the top of the water and goes around with the current to give even more visual intrigue. Others include a fogger or mister element, which produces a beautiful mist that floats over the water.


Bubbler Fountain

A bubbler fountain is a perfect addition as an outdoor fountain to any location, whether it’s in the park, your schoolyard, your house (both outdoors and indoors), or your business. Aside from drinking fountains, each bubbler fountain is a one-of-a-kind invention that may add refinement to your environment while also delivering a sense of tranquility with the soothing sounds of water flowing.

bubbler fountain

Unlikely a rock fountain in which the water flow will be pushed at the top of the rock and then downwards to its water face, a bubbler fountain has a more forceful water flow pushing the running water upwards with a low stream and then down to the stone. Also, this water feature requires low maintenance in comparison with rock ones.

bubbler fountain with ponds

You can also add ponds or pools for a more dynamic bubbling effect which brings a touch of hot spring. This might be your hallmark garden fountain design: the one that clients rave about to their friends and family; the one that friends run out and buy after seeing how wonderful it and cheap yours is. Bubbler fountains with bright patterns add interest and serve people as the main point of your backyard water feature.

bubbler fountain with colorful patterns

Rock Fountain

Rock fountains are likely much cheaper than their bubbling relative, however, more impressive with their natural look. We provide you with two typical ways to create a rock outdoor fountain for the backyard water feature ideas project: rock column and falling rock fountain.

With rock column water features, it usually includes more than 3 rock columns and follows the same concept as bubbling fountains. As we said before, the water stream will circulate at the top of the water fountain and down the side of each column on the beds of stone.

rock fountain

Garden fountains with falling water provide a stand-alone feature and add more interest to the rock garden space. This falling rock fountain could also be combined with large ponds or running water on the backyard patio.

falling water

Wall Fountain

wall outdoor fountain

This pretty fountain can be a great addition when adding it to the back porch or patio outdoors. A Wall fountain will not only bring relaxing feelings with the soothing sounds of trickling water after a long day but also provide visual interest to your outdoor backyard.

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Log Fountain

Inspired by the forest, this rustic design of log fountain will create a dreamy element to your porch and patio. The water flows fashioned from durable resin are designed to pour down the waterfall to create a calm sound for the outdoor fountain. The glowing LED light lights up the whole night in the outdoor space and reflects on cascading waterfall for your feathered friends to enjoy its rustic look at night.

log fountain

Spout Water Feature

Spout water features will add a more classic vibe to a backyard garden design, and these components can be anything from cut bamboo to copper water pumps.

A spout water feature is comparable to a backyard fountain in many aspects, except that spouts are often smaller in size. The cost of installation often reflects this as well, making a spout an affordable alternative for adding flowing water to your backyard garden.

These fountains are meant to generate a knocking noise that scares off deer, rabbits, and other animals. As a result, this water spout is an excellent alternative for gardeners looking for a water feature in their outdoor area that will also safeguard their vegetable garden.


pond with floating plants

Enhance the backyard water feature patio with the addition of a pond. You even can buy materials at almost all hardware stores to create your own pond with the peaceful flow of water. Plant more trees, floating plants, and use stones around your existing pond to create a more natural look for the patio and back porch.

Small Backyard Pond

Don’t let the constraints in yard size limit your backyard water feature ideas. Wisely create a small pond or a small backyard waterfall in the corner of the landscape design to turn out your outdoor space into a masterpiece. Utilize the landscaping ideas of stones, plants, or forest carpeting to create a sense of natural feeling for your small pond.

small pond

Or you can take a staircase waterfall into consideration for modern water features. This design will provide a unique touch and warmly cover your guests come to gather!

staircase waterfall

Pondless Waterfalls

Similar to a natural waterfall, however, a pondless waterfall has no room enough for ponds that easily fit small yard areas. A special feature of a pondless waterfall is to prevent stagnant water because the lack of a pond will help water be circulated back up through the water fountain to fall again downwards to the waterfall.

pondless waterfall

Without a pond, these water fountains require less maintenance than other natural waterfalls. You can also add stones and plants to avoid looking artificial.

Examine more ideas for outdoor living space!

Create Natural Water Feature with Waterfalls

One of the most wonderful backyard water feature ideas we should include is that waterfalls. There are several waterfalls designs in which the sheet waterfalls and cascading waterfalls are the two most common water features that will satisfy homeowners.

sheet waterfall

By using block walls and waterproof LED lights, the sheet waterfall will easily become a focal point of your whole water feature yard. The water cascading the pond below the waterfall takes a clean and smooth look and that’s why this design is called a “sheet” waterfall. This landscape design results in a stunning-night view as well as a series of waterfalls that you could design by your own desire!

cascading waterfall

Cascading waterfalls work even much better than sheet ones due to their design combined with some steps that provide easier flow for the running water stream. This landscape design is obviously fitting for the slopes area. You can also be more creative when integrating with other water features, such as a pond, pool, path, or a fireplace in the patio.

Light Up the Night of Outdoor Patio Spaces

Mix some lighting elements to the outdoor water fountain designs to provide a next-level atmosphere to your backyard no matter day or night.

Consider some LED lights or a firepit around waterfalls or fountains to create the contrast effect and reflection the running water. Although the start price of LED lights might be more expensive than other lights, their long lifetime has proved that this is a worthy amount to invest for lighting purposes.

You can match the LED light with both fountain, waterfall, pool, or other water features that you want. It’s easy to construct, just make sure you use the waterproof LED lights that don’t increase the water temperature to protect the waterscape.

rain curtains

Or you can pair outdoor lights with a rain curtain when landscaping your whole backyard. The changing lighting feature of LED lights will turn the outdoor space to its highest beauty and value in beautiful reflections.

Create Focal Point with Courtyard Fountain

courtyard fountains

A courtyard fountain is actually an art and a perfect addition that is designed to easily fit water features, including indoors, gardens, or anywhere in your home’s space. For this design, you can install DIY to enjoy a similar effect with a range of materials: stone, concrete, copper, etc. Put them in the middle of the outdoor space to provide a gathering atmosphere around your garden.

Modern Water Feature with Patios

modern patio

Some modern homeowners want their backyard to be minimalist by just filling the empty wall yard. The water fountain with an Asian-inspired patio might be for you with traditional colors and interesting accent pieces without too many elements. This design creates a touch of simple and modern sense to your backyard.

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