Best Landscaping Rocks Renton Area for Sale

Constructing a landscape rock wall into your outdoor living space is the best job ever to add much pleasure to your property. However, have you ever asked yourself whether you know how to choose the right rock? Would asphalt, sand, concrete, or pea gravel be the best choice for the driveway, patio, or yard? It might be a challenging question!

In this article, you would figure out which one is best pleasantly surprised for this job. You can also choose which company can provide you with the best rock in Renton WA for both sale and installation.


  • Type of Landscaping Rocks

  • Landscaping Rock Ideas

  • Highly Recommended Contractors for Gravel Landscape in Renton Area

    • Green Arbor Landscaping

    • Wolf and Sons Landscape Company

    • Artistic Construction Innovations LLC

    • Better Builders

    • Angkor Landscape Services, LLC

    • Eagle Rock Landscaping, Inc.



Flagstone is flat and large in size, which is a good choice for paths, walkways, patios, and more. These flat stones are durable without high maintenance and come in a variety of colors best for the landscape process. You can add gravel or grass between each individual stone to secure them from wobbling.


Pea Gravel

One first common rock is pea gravel (known as peach pebbles) which are just 1/4 inches to 3/4 inches with about $60 per cubic yard. This is the most affordable in the garden rocks. Pebbles are best used for a patio, path, walkway, pool, playground, etc. These rocks come in many colors and smooth edges which are polished up over time by natural water.

gravel driveway

Because the pebbles are so tiny, you need to add more solid edging around them so that they will not expand over other areas. The neutral color of these smooth pebbles will feature your fountains and aquariums. However, this landscape gravel can hold heat that makes your trees damaged.

River Rock

River rock is also a common landscape rock that belongs to smooth gravel. The average size of river rocks is from 3/4 to 2 inches, which is a bit bigger than pea gravel. The river rocks not only come in a variety of colors, including brown, black, white, mixed colors, or a marble-like look but also is made of versatile colorings by many landscapers.

river rock

With its ideal-medium size, river rock is best used to landscape water fountains, borders, fences, plants and trees, and large boulders. This landscaping rock has variations of colors, so you can choose a complimentary one for your home style. Also, medium-sized river rock is not scattered like the gravel – that’s why maintenance work could be finished much easier.

You’d better use a wheelbarrow if you want to move these landscape rocks instead of a truck or other heavy vehicle. And remember that the river rock cannot bring a comfortable feeling underfoot like smaller gravel.



Landscape Design for Rock Wall

rock walls

Combining large landscaping rocks into a retaining wall is the most popular way to landscape with a natural stone. A rock wall helps to protect your inside property from seeking the eyes of neighbors or thieves. However, you should build a safe wall before going to a retaining wall project. Because once it collapses, it will injure anyone behind that wall.

Decorative Rock Garden

Because of the natural beauty and versatility, the decorative stone is added to your final design as a wonderful way to accentuate your property. Moreover, most stones are not much expensive and you can save money when adding curb appeal to your home.

decorative home garden


At Green Arbor Landscaping, you’ll find a wide range of rocks, from crushed stone, flagstone, and gravel, to lava rock, decorative rock, and so on. We established our operation in 1988 and become the best resource providing materials in the Renton area particularly and Washington in general. With the advanced method and the latest landscape standards, we focus on bringing a great experience to our clients that they’re looking for at the right time with great results and quality products. We serve all homeowners throughout Renton, Seattle, Issaquah, Maple Valley, Bellevue, and the surrounding area.

Green Arbor Landscaping

From the beginning, Green Arbor Landscaping provides complete landscape services, specializing in landscape management, supplies, maintenance, and concrete installation with fair pricing. With over 35 years of experience, our company provides both residential and commercial services in Renton in the best timely manner and becomes one of the most functional companies for many clients.

Range of Rock Materials

A thorough landscape project combines not only the right materials used for installation but also the right method to detect any problems in your landscape space, such as to improve drainage or against soil erosion. You’ll need to get a consultant about how to choose the right stone, concrete, or sand for aesthetically pleasing in both function and form.

We provide you with a list of materials at fair pricing:

colored lava rockgravelconcrete sandlarge boulders

Hardscape Construction Projects

A lawn care service doesn’t stop at just cleanup work but other lawn care needs. How about challenging landscape construction? Don’t worry! We already provide enough landscape services for you:

  • Retaining wall: in this project, we help you inplanning inspiring ideas about retaining walls and proceeding with the installations with each step. We will start choosing the right materials for a complete project as requested. Whether you like to install gravel, sand, or any specific rock for natural landscaping, we are always willing to provide all supplies for your project.

concrete wall

water features

Customers’ Testimonials

Aravindhan Vadivel: “Green Arbor Landscaping & Maintenance finished our back yard work today. They trimmed trees and removed leaves and debris. Installed Sod for new grass lawn as well. Excellent work and will hire them for any future home improvements”

Contact Information

Contact us to get a free estimate for the whole yard maintenance project with the following detailed information:

Don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment wherever you live!


Since 2005, Wolf and Sons has set a long reputable history for its own business with many professional landscapers. The company is really proud to offer all customers around Renton WA quality work with unique design ideas for both an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere for your residents. Its team members are dedicated to serving Renton customers with the combinations of premier landscape design and expert implementation of landscaping construction.

Wolf and Sons company

Range of Services

If you are into taking care of the lawn as your main housework, call Wolf and Sons for an expert contractor serving in Renton WA, and the surrounding area. As a professional landscaper, contractor, as well as designer, the company is the preferable choice for you with high-end landscaping results, including:

  • Seasonal lawn care

  • Unique retaining wall structures

  • Sod Installation

  • Soil replenishment

  • Pesticide control

  • Pressure washing

  • Flower beds planting & tending

  • Hardscapes design and construction

  • Landscaping for privacy

Pesticide control

In addition to services for customers, Wolf and Sons also provide careers for employees right away on its website. You can sign up directly by accessing its website with your own skills and experience, the company will contact you immediately!


Giovanna Newby: “Wolf and Sons has done some very beautiful work in our backyard. They made a large paver patio and put in pet turf since our yard is shaded and did not grow grass well. We have also used them for sprinkler repair. Great company to work with and I am sure that we will use them again.”

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Serving especially surrounding King County, Artistic Construction Innovations LLC is a remodeling business. Its team specializes in hardwood installation with high-quality standards to bring you the best satisfaction. Operating in the remodeling industry, the business’ expertise understands thoroughly tile, granite, marble, natural stone, glass, mosaic,… and that’s why they commit to providing you with both materials along with residential tile or hardwood projects.

marble wall

Services & Area

Located in Renton WA, the firm serves not only the residents within the state but also surrounding areas. Its range of services includes:

  • Custom shower mud pans

  • Shower glass door installations

  • Hardware Installation

  • Demolition

  • Entryway/hallway tile/hardwood

  • Debris Removal

  • Cement board installation

Cement board installation

Contact Information

  • Address: 10250 147th Ave S. East, Renton, Washington 98059

  • Phone number: 206-999-1749

  • Email:

  • Website:


At Better Builders, you can find their products and services based on the mission of environmentally friendly home building. Along with its reputation, the business has gained a license from Washington State General Contractor and many certifications with awards for green projects they have created. Better Builders operates the business with sustainable products to enhance the green development of the community.

Better Builders

Same as Artistic Construction Innovations LLC, Better Builders also specialize in residential remodeling projects throughout Renton, Seattle, Bellevue, Federal Way, and surrounding communities. Although its team members don’t come from the landscaping industry, they have experience in choosing the right stone, sand, or asphalt for your yard project. This is because remodeling combines some options such as paver patios, wood decks, and concrete patios,…

concrete patios


Gina A.: “Overall a good experience. Communication was generally good and the end product was beautiful. Our complaint has to do with the financials. Namely an unexpected change order bill that was not well communicated. Changes were offered without an explanation of what the cost increases would be. The costs were higher than anticipated”

Contact Information

You can contact them to get free estimates through the information below:



Angkorscape is an outdoor living contractor with the best feature of 3D rendering before starting any actual construction. At Angkorscape, they provide design services, supplies, and maintenance in home building projects. They believe in the guarantee of making your living space the most enjoyable you’ve ever dreamed of.

3D rendering


Locally owned and operated, Eagle Rock Landscaping has dedicatedly worked in this industry for 25 years with the aim to build residential and commercial spaces effectively and affordably for all homeowners. With quality workmanship and high integrity, this contractor strives for perfection towards customer expectations.

Eagle Rock Landscaping

With a high reputation, the business operates as more than just a builder of rock but a full-service firm, from offering rockery design or concrete to increasing drainage efficiency and creating aesthetically pleasing for your property function. Its crew has developed with deep knowledge and experience in this industry.


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