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snow in Renton, WA

The snowfall in the Rentor area along with frigid wind will usually bear the snow to 1 – 2 inches and propel the storm into residential areas. Therefore, it is essential for you to find out where and when the snow arrives at Rentor through the forecast. It will help you thoroughly prepare in advance for the storms, negate the risk, and protect your property during the damage of snow accumulations. In the way of updating the weather forecast frequently in Rentor, WA whether by yourself or hiring a professional company, you can save your possessions as well as your time to restore normal operations as soon as possible.


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In comparison with other areas in Washington, Renton gets the average index which might be more pleasant than theirs. The comfort index in Rentor is recorded to be 7.3 – with 10.0 being the best, meanwhile, that index in the United States on average is 7.0. Which, this index in summer reached 9.0. And all climate averages such as snowfall, rainfall, sunny, or UV index are also lower than those in the US. This means the weather in Renton, WA is likely the most comfortable city, especially in the summer months!

The temperature in Renton, WA

On average, the temperature in Renton which is the most comfortable is during July, August, and September with the temperature being 76.5°F. There will be about 2,5 days when its temperatures reach the highest at over90°F. However, this number is far lower than in other states in Washington.

summer in Renton

December and January are the least comfortable in Renton, however, the temperatures are still warmer than other places, at around 34.8°F. These months are far from pleasant because their low temperature will bring some rainfall and snowfall, along with frigid wind to the state. Also, it will cause some problems for homeowners’ property and they could experience a hard time if they don’t get any weather forecast timely for preparation.

winter in Renton


On average, Renton gets precipitation of around 161 days each year – in comparison with the US of 106 days per year. The precipitations in Renton WA include rain, snow, or sleet. The weather forecast for 2021 in Renton also indicates that this year is not an exception and the chance of precipitation in the half-last months of the year will be about 70 – 100% every day and bring some South wind.



The month which is recorded to be the wettest month of the year in Renton is November with an average rain level of 7.2 inches. The annual level of a year reaches 44 inches of rain – higher than others in WA. The driest month is July with just 0.9 inches of rainfall. Almost all of the rain doesn’t bring too much wind to this city, but snow.


Each year, Renton gets about 6 inches of snow – which is lower than the US with 28 inches. Some people think that this level is not high, however, this snowfall level will slow some services in the city, and the citizens will also get hard to access some accessibilities as taxiways, runways, or city courts. Even power outages will usually happen in the snowfall season of 2021.


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The weather forecast expects the first snow will fall throughout the first half week of December in the evening with under half an inch in snow accumulations. Heavy snow will continue for at least the next two days and people can be stuck when facing snowy conditions on their roadway. According to the forecaster, this is extensive and heavy snow, and it will cause some problems that may be dangerous to people. In order to prevent dangerous situations happen, people are advised that they should prepare for the danger and follow the forecast.

4 inches of snow

For the next few weeks, snow is expected to be measured about 4 to 6 inches of accumulation possible in Renton, WA. Keep following the forecast and plowing the snow as soon as possible if you want to restore your normal operation activities.

Also, you’ll need to prepare for some widespread wind along with the snow and then become a huge-possible winter storm effect to your house area. Cold weather, snow, and storms will slow the living conditions and facilities in Renton and might cause some accidents in the roadways that all people need to be careful and plan to utilize your snow and ice removal service while keeping your property safe.


snow and ice

In case you can not clean up all the snow and frozen ice in front of your car and house door, of course with that snow level in Renton, you should find a professional company in this field which is around your area to help you to deal with these problems without damaging your property. There are several companies that allow you to prepare ahead for storms and obtain quick and uncomplicated removal services. In extreme weather conditions, there is no advice for you to face the risk without knowledge and experience, as well as the proper tools.

The best way for you is to keep following the weather forecast and realize when is the time to hire a professional to finish the project for you. You do not need to go far from your area to find any professionals. Search for the company’s information around you, including the company name, price, services they provide, and how to contact them on the Internet. You will thoroughly know all that you want, even the review of other clients to have the best insight before deciding to hire them.

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