Outdoor Living Spaces – Breathtaking Ideas for Living Spaces


The outdoor living space is the area that is evaluated the highest in terms of architecture over the decades. For all of us, especially design-lovers, what could be better than enjoying drinking coffee in the fresh breezes in the morning, gathering together with our family and friends around the flickering flame in the winter, or making our valuable memories at sunset. And this explains why most of us are fascinated by a more relaxing space and looking for stunning ideas to design a terrific outdoor space. In this way, you certainly can enhance values for both indoors and outdoors.

a ceramic vase with a blue flower design

Outdoor spaces used to be just an area that places a couple of outdoor furniture. However, people these days desire more than this, which includes an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining room, coffee table, or even a fire pit or fireplace with encompassing lighting-covered outdoor space.

Whether your house has just a small balcony or a large backyard, and you’re looking for a great idea to design an outdoor living room, we have some ideas for you to use all year. You don’t need to do anything but select which ideas are most convenient for you.

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I. What Should I Consider Before Starting?

Desire to landscape a wonderful outdoor living room promotes your relaxing outdoor garden in your hands. However, you cannot just randomly place all features and accessories anywhere without calculating the details. There are some considerations you should think about first to best make use of your outdoor space, before taking any actions:


Whether the outdoor rooms you are supposed to build are convenient to other rooms of your house? Or do they block ways to the bathroom or your living room?


Do you have a massive area enough for other members’ activities in the family? Whether you appropriate the whole yard for the outdoor living room? You should consider the living spaces for children’s playing, area for grilling or a barbecue, etc.


If your outdoor space is on the slope or uneven, you should consider adorning by flooring first. It will help you manage dips and bumpy areas before plopping anything above the surface.

a fully built in outdoor kitchen comes


What do you want your outdoor living room to be? A privacy dwelling, a familiar place to gather, or for entertainment purposes? When you finish considering your aims, you will choose exactly what suitable furniture the outdoor living room requires without wasting too much money.


Perhaps, you never want to pay a large amount of money to finish designing an outdoor living space for your house, and then, each stunning feature, such as a wood table, chair, bench, floor, pillows, etc., of your outdoor rooms, has been destroyed constantly day by day by exacerbating weather. Therefore, outdoor living spaces are nice for a designer to plan your lovely home, but you should consider whether the climate where you live is reasonable for this evolution.


You should take a look at materials and architectural features in your indoor rooms so that you will choose the lines of your garden design that provides a harmonious drawing for the rest of your house’s furniture. For example, it’s hard to imagine when mixing vintage lines of outdoor living spaces with your stylish modern house.


The important point that almost us cannot ignore is how much you can pay for designers and furniture for your outdoor spaces. Are you willing to pay for useless things which are not relevant to your house? So it’d be better to limit the amount of budget to meet your satisfaction with outdoor living spaces and determine carefully chosen furnishings.

Technology in Outdoor Spaces

These days, bringing the development of technology to the backyard is one of the best decisions to make your outdoor living space more convenient and relaxing. There is nothing that could be better than cozying up around the fireplaces and watching a movie under a star-filled sky along with your beloved family and bestie.

a new patio table with the most modern cushions and pillows

Thanks to the creation of modern flat screens and wireless settings, designing your television or a home cinema to your backyard has never ever been so easy. Although you could have a diversity of TV modules to choose from for your courtyard, the most important thing is that you must ensure to guard your outdoor TVs screen against affecting by weather, whether it’s sunny or raining. In that case, you might need to create a seating area towards a wall covered by shade or set the screen onto enclosed spaces that can be protected.

TVs screen in outdoor space

There are many choices for your outdoor garden idea with TVs screen that you can examine through the pictures below:

covered patio with TVdeck with TV

TV in terrace

TV in outdoor home bar

barbecue area with TVoutdoor home cinema area

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Outdoor Dining Area

Perhaps, architectural lovers desire to own ideal outdoor living space without lacking an outdoor dining area. Designing an elegant and stylish space, where you along with your loved ones can cook, as well as have a delicious meal in the open air, contributes more relaxing feelings and an ideal space for dining al fresco just as fascinating as, or even better than if it’s on the inside.

To become an outdoor living spaces designer by yourself, it is wiser for you to locate your dining area underneath the shade, better with a green classic pergola. If possible, choose a dining area where you can reach the picture-perfect views when the sun rises and sets.


Then, you must look for a stylish outdoor dining furniture set, which is better designed to closely resemble the materials of your indoor dining room. An outdoor dining collection can include some dining chairs or armchairs, dining tables, ottoman, lounges, or a coffee table. You’ll want to keep in mind that the size and shape of your dining tables and chairs must have enough rooms for comfortable seating.

folding table

What if your backyard garden or patio is so small that makes you think about overlooking the outdoor dining room regrettably? Just choose the folding tables and chairs, which can be hidden when not in use.  And don’t forget the detail of cozy lighting and accessories. How romantic it is when dining under a beautiful pergola with the addition of customized lighting, combined with an outdoor movie watching area.

deck for outdoor living space

Depending on your house features, vintage or modern style of dining furniture would be relevant to each courtyard, each garden. Some outdoor dining furniture collections were designed by some famous designers that you can look for: Outdoor Tikal CollectionTalenti – The Cruise CollectionPanama Jack CollectionAlabama Alu Outdoor Dining CollectionMoon Outdoor Dining Collection, etc.

deck with tvdesigning your television or a home cinema to your backyarddining area underneath the shadeestablishes the tone of the space

Each outdoor collection is inspired by each form of culture and bears different styles of architecture and materials. All structures of every design collection create a both modern and harmonic outdoor dining table room at the same time for your house garden.

Outdoor Kitchen

Most people require a full outdoor living space combined with an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen provides cozy entertaining spaces for both family and friends to gather around. If your budget is not large enough for adequate modern kitchen applications, all you need to start an outdoor kitchen is just a cozy barbecue area to cook outdoors with your beloved under the flickering fire.

fire pits create an excellent addition to outdoor living space

A fully built-in outdoor kitchen comes with outdoor refrigerators, BBQ grill, outdoor pizza oven, outdoor cabinet, standing table or bar, along with gas fire pit covered outdoor seating. All these modern applications for the kitchen in an outdoor living space are usually made of stainless steel, durable or weather-resistant materials.

outdoor kitchen design idea in California

An outdoor living kitchen idea in most cities in California offers a full built-in kitchen, which includes a wood oven, stone-clad cabinet, combined with an outdoor dining room. The special feature of this modern design in California is providing kitchen space above concrete flooring with a gravel stone patio.

kitchen in outdoor space in Colorado

Or you can examine a kitchen covered by pergola – the idea of the outdoor kitchen designer for the rural home in Colorado. While some people cook in the backyard kitchen, just a few steps away from the kitchen, there is a fire pit in the focal point of the patio where the remainings sit around the warmth of a fire and table, enjoy the cozy feelings.

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Outdoor Living Patio Area


It’s really worth it if you consider the patio flooring decisions before going to landscape your outdoor living space. The patio surface provides the right direction for homeowners to indicate their furniture, the style of the remaining outdoor areas, as well as the structural changes to harmonize their patio garden space and its features. This could also enhance your value’s home and property.

An outdoor patio floor in the South of California architecture emphasizes its features with concrete rectangles pour individually. Along with it, both horizontally designed outdoor furniture and a flat patio roof provide peaceful feelings for this area.


You can form a patio backyard room with Chicago style. A cozy living space covered by an evergreen pergola or shade trees adorns your outdoor space. A fireplace above a circular patio with paver stones creates surrounding feelings when you and your family enjoy relaxing times.


Heating Outdoor Living Space

Funny things about outdoor spaces have to be ended when the colder season comes? The answer is absolutely not. Installing patio heating applications like firepit or fireplace is a clever choice for cool winter days.


Fire pits create an excellent addition to outdoor living space since they offer a visually appealing crucial point for your outdoor garden. On long and hot summer nights, fire pits lend themselves to lengthy talks with friends and family. Besides, fire pits also provide warm seats for everyone on cooler evenings in the fall, winter, and spring, as well.


There’s nothing like the glow of a bonfire from a firepit to draw a gathering. From spring to fall, centering your patio design around a fire pit opens the way for nighttime get-togethers. From simple with smooth and unadorned surfaces to decorative and elaborate with piled stone or detailed metalwork, fire pit styles range from simple and unassuming to beautiful and intricate with stacked stone or extensive metalwork. Aim for an eye-catching selection to entice regular usage, and match the style to the rest of your space.

Seating Outdoor Living Space

seating area

Creating an outdoor living space with a seating area has never been more enjoyable. You need to set up a basic wicker sofa, two wicker chairs, and a table in the room. Cushions and a variety of colored throw pillows may make them convenient. A green plant in pots assists to purify the air and give beauty to any space of your garden.


Because there is plenty of illumination, you can enjoy summer evenings just as much as daytime events. On those hot summer days, the ceiling fan in the seating area will help you stay cool. A simple throw rug unifies the space and adds to the allure of your outdoor living room. Gathering your family here for a pitcher of iced tea and tales is the best experience ever.


Or you are finding a way to set up a seating area when being on a budget? A new patio table with the most modern cushions and pillows, along with its vintage furniture set including a chair and tea crate, will make your garden become a unique area.


Deck for Outdoor Living Spaces

Decorate your deck with hand-painted furniture and eye-catching accessories. Choose a color palette that complements the exterior of your home and experiment with upgrading old or basic metal furniture with new colors. Other colorful items, such as cushions, pillows, vases, and bowls, may help add a warm atmosphere to your outdoor seating.

deck for outdoor living space

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Create Focal Point in Outdoors

To round out this perfect day with pure outside enjoyment, you’ll need a patio space that ticks all the design and function boxes. Begin your patio design with an eye-catching focal point that establishes the tone of the space.


The main point with a plant vase or pot. While a planter pot is typically placed at the conclusion of the patio decorating process, when you choose one with breathtaking elegance from the beginning of your design process, it may act as the feature that coordinates everything around it. Use a planter as your major ornamental feature if you have a green thumb.

Or try a white ceramic vase with a blue flower design, it inspires emotions of nostalgia for classic decoration. Arrange it as the feature of a seating area to replicate the warmth of your living room. A big patterned planter filled with vibrant blooms is the ideal eye-catching feature in a colorful and eccentric patio decor. To create a lasting impression, place it as the first thing you see.


A captivating outdoor rug may assist to pull your entire outdoor ensemble together. Incorporate the soft foundation into your patio seating area to create an appealing play area for children that also serves as a decorative element. Creating a color palette and theme for your patio decor around a focal rug is an easy way to get started.


Choose bright geometrics to define a mid-century contemporary room, or go full-on bohemian with a Moroccan – inspired option.


Try with an outdoor fountain. A summer morning spent under the rising sun with an iced coffee in hand is made more tranquil by the soothing ripple of flowing water from an outdoor fountain. An outdoor fountain not only adds visual appeal but also produces soothing sounds that are unrivaled. A fountain may be placed anyplace in your ornamental design that complements the overall aesthetic. You will not want to forget its size and sound whether it becomes a garden feature or deck addition. Choose a basic model to fit a modern style or something charming and unusual depending on your house features.

Link Indoors and Outdoor Spaces With Plants

It’s normal for homeowners to think of their house and backyard as two distinct places separated by a clear line. Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, simply with a seating area or even if just with a green plant or tree, may help harmonize the outdoors and indoors. Using plants is an excellent way for you to combine your indoor with outdoor spaces into an indoor-outdoor room without a big expenditure.


Adding plants where the house joins the backyard is an ingenious approach to connect the two living spaces. Indoors, this may be achieved by placing plants near a doorway or window. A large plant is great; nevertheless, you’ll want to consider the form and density of leaves to keep light pouring in and vistas open.


Plants should be placed near the house door to connect the indoor and outdoor living areas. You may also create elevated planter boxes so that plants are at eye level when seated on chairs, tables, or a sofa as well.

Set Up Light for Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter if you have a porch, patio, or an empty lawn,… or not, outdoor lights should be designated as a damp place when used in an enclosed environment, such as a covered porch or verandah, and wet location when used in an exposed area, such as a deck or gazebo. Check the specs of your fixture to verify that you are choosing a safe and appropriate decision.

When selecting outdoor lights, a reasonable rule of thumb is to utilize well-shielded, low-power lights. These fixtures will emit exactly the correct amount of light while remaining contained inside your defined space. Avoid overlighting; the objective of outdoor light is to create contrast between dark and bright regions.


String lighting is a simple, low-cost, and eye-catching way to illuminate any outdoor space. You will need an accessible outlet as well as structures to attach the lights to.


Adding a pendant or chandelier to your outdoor living room can convert it into a stylish backyard retreat. Bringing interior design ideas outside will create an intended area for entertaining and relaxation that you and your family will enjoy all summer long.

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