20 Cheap DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Backyard

Imagine you and your beloved family gathering together around the fire pits in the full-star sky night, no matter the season of the year, roasting marshmallows, and having a glass of wine at a dining table. You could feel such a blissful and magical life, couldn’t you?

A fire pit can become a centerpiece of your outdoor room, set a gentle embrace with warmth covering you, and invite people to linger longer together. As a garden lover, no one can deny the beauty and warmth coming from a fire pit.

Good news for you: here is a list of 20 impressive DIY fire pit ideas for your backyard space that you can’t miss. We’ve collected plenty of backyard fire pit ideas in the combination of accessories and furniture which can turn your fire pit dream into reality.

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I. Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Bothell Landscaping

1. Small Glassbox Tabletop Fire Pit

For a smarter option, choose the fire pit table with a glass box. This design not only saves space in your backyard room but also gives off plenty of heat.


You can combine this DIY fire pit with lava rocks or lava pebbles covering this tabletop fire pit and avoid concrete pebbles or river rocks because they can explode under high heat. This fire pit table is a less messy option with the flames contained within a sleek glass bowl.

For this DIY project, you will need less than 1 hour to complete. All you need is any rectangular metal planter ($7-10), small round rocks ($1-2); and gel fuel ($4). Nothing would be cheaper and easier!

2. Simple Brick Fire Pit for Cozy Look

A simple brick fire pit can become a national fire pit idea for all the family, except for some modern home styles. This fire pit is not designated for just roasting marshmallows but for cooking yourself a meal right over an open flame as a barbeque grill.


When you have leftover bricks and don’t know what to do with them, a DIY brick fire pit will be the cheapest and easiest choice. You will just need to spend around $200 to build this wood-burning fire pit on chilly evenings. Here is the list of materials you need for this backyard fire pit:

  • Stone paver or pea gravel
  • 5 bags of concrete blocks
  • About 50 bricks
  • Mortar
  • Tape measure

Because bricks appear in many different shapes than retaining walls, you must have mortar to fill in the spaces between each brick.

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3. DIY Stacked Stone Wall Fire Pit

If you are a look-of-stonework lover, you cannot miss this DIY fire pit idea. A stacked stone fire pit can function as a low retaining wall in your backyard garden. The requirement of this beautiful fire pit is to spend the right time choosing the stone shape and stacking the stone in a natural pattern.


If you have an open budget, you should try this fire pit style which fits your patio as well. Flat stones are more expensive than other materials but the landscaping benefits they bring to your yard are priceless!

This easy DIY fire pit is made of stacked flagstone, pea gravel in the bottom, and some brick interiors in the surroundings which give you an impressive look as an outdoor fireplace and serve you in many functions.

4. Modern Fire Pit Ideas

If you’re looking for something modern and trendy, let’s try this idea!


Thanks to the concrete slabs, your firepit area would become modern but simple to build. Look at this coffee tabletop fire pit with round concrete above and cast metal legs, it will create a warm fire and open flames for the atmosphere.

5. Outdoor Fire Pit with Grills

If you plan to cook over the fire pits regularly, consider adding grill grates to create a fire pit BBQ.


This fire pit is made of three layers of stone and two grill gates up towards each other. It is eye-catching and provides a grill function at the same time. You can spend your funniest time with your family with this open fire around a campfire while having some cool beers and a juicy dinner.

6. Lighting Design Around Fire Pit

Backyard lighting ideas must be combined around your firepit area. Although fire pits provide your home with a fire flame for outdoor lighting, adding soft lighting around the seating place will create an attractive focal point for your small yards.


Using string lights anywhere in your house would also be perfect. With Adirondack chairs combined with some string lights around the fire pits, you can make your backyard sparkle like a fairytale.

Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

7. DIY Fire Pit Table


Using a porcelain-tile tabletop fire pit with a fire bowl at the center will make this design more attractive. Formed from concrete and lava pebbles, installing this table DIY will be much safer than using river rocks when heated.

It is more recommended when combined with a cover to shield the table when not used.

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8. Wooden Fire Pit


Definitely, you should add this fire pit into your backyard with some crafted wooden benches. This inground fire pit surrounding your seating just costs you under $400 for all materials required and you will have a permanent addition for an 8-people family gathering around at weekends.

These benches can be served as firewood storage ready to fire your pit. And remember that you’ll need some protection layers such as slabs for the ground surface, especially when the ground is a wooden deck.

9. Rectangular Decorative Fire Pit


For a small space, a 28″ round fire pit formed by concrete and natural stone will make the decorative function more charming than ever. This design is totally suitable for DIYers who have a limited budget as it doesn’t cost much – just about $50 for decorative rocks.

You can use decorative rocks, pebbles, or road gravel to build this stunning pit and use both liquid propane and natural gas models. Let’s imagine you’re sitting here with a hot cacao cup in hand, enjoying all the heat the flames offer in cold weather – such a wonderful experience!

10. Concrete Coffee Table with Cozy Fire Pit

A wood-burning fire coffee table is cast from metalwork details with many chic beautiful surroundings. This, of course, will spice up your boring existing patio with such powerful heating abilities.


At 36L x 36W x 19H, this chic propane fire pit coffee table can be placed anywhere in your garden. Moreover, it offers storage for propane tanks for up to 20 pounds.

11. DIY Stone Fire Pit Seating Area

You’re always recommended to have a mix of furniture along with the fire pit. But why waste your space with exterior chairs in the firepit area as you can create built-in stone seating right here?


Styling the focal point with seating around a fire pit is exactly what many homeowners did when remodeling their outdoor rooms.

12. Koi Pond Fire Pit for Outdoor Space

This design is truly fascinating! You can take full advantage of an old Koi pond and combine an in-ground fire pit into it.

This is one of the common traditional fire pit ideas that you can build in your backyard. All you need for this pit is a bunch of flat stones and some wood to burn the flames.

Installing an inground pool: here.

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13. Backyard Fire Pit Ideas in Bowls

If you have an extremely small yard, let’s try this design. It not only is good for small spaces but also saves you a great deal of money. This DIY fire pit with an old bowl just costs you less than $150 to install.


This type of fire pit would also be perfect for an on-the-go cooking experience for many outdoor-cook lovers. Although many fire pits are made of metal, many people prefer this stone bowl with some stones added to mold the circular shape as the result they receive is much smarter.


Gain extra fun with your family members with the 12-inch height of steel fire bowl with a matching-size grill grate. Placed in the center, this can of fireplace fuel can use bioethanol and LPG to light a flame with lava rocks surrounding it.

14. Attractive but Simple Fire Pit Ring


A fire pit kit, which includes a steel fire ring and round solid stones or concrete blocks, makes it simpler to construct your personal fire feature. The flagstone fire ring will complement any retaining wall elements you may possess in your backyard.

15. Wine Barrel Fire Pit

fire pit ideas

A wine barrel is able to conceal a full-sized gas cylinder that, when turned on, generates a warm and welcome blaze. The inventive fire pit also includes a homemade burning unit that is made out of a round grill, pizza platter, and tubing.

That is the key valve to carry out the operation of the gasoline, and agglomerate. A DIY fire pit that is made from a wine barrel will help you to save a lot of money.

16. Elegant Ground Fire Pits

Not all fire pits need to be above ground. Try to build this DIY sunken fire pit with a few easy steps, including digging a hole, using lava stones to fill in the bottom of the hole, setting bricks on the sides, placing some flat rocks, and filling the top of the area with decorative stones.

Tips: Remember to call 811 before preceding digging project to avoid some underground utilities.

fire pit ideas

This design will create a campfire, along with Adirondack chairs, which is level with its surroundings. Its clean appearance can be covered when not used and give you an attractive look.

17. Rustic Concrete Fire Pit Above Ground

Actually, this above-ground concrete fire pit requires more time and difficulties for DIYers. You need to have a thorough insight into construction to pour concrete in the right way and put the wood into the site. So ask someone else for help if you love this fire pit idea with a strong accent of colorful tiles above.

Or contact a professional to help you from A to Z!

18. Portable Steel Fire Pit

We have exactly the project for those DIYers looking for a real challenge. A small portable steel fire pit, made completely of steel, may take some elbow grease, but the final outcome is well prosperous.

fire pit ideas

Moveable fire pits are perfect for small outdoor spaces and gardens since they are smaller in size. They are also portable, so you can recreate a similar warm atmosphere on the trip.

19. Flameless Tabletop Fire Pit

fire pit ideas

With such a tabletop fire pit attachment, you can stay snug and remain an all-around table throughout dinner – it’s the perfect outdoor fire pit idea for maintaining the heat confined and attractive.

Filling a beautiful container using flameless lights and transparent jewels produces a creative imitation fire pit that you’re able to easily carry inside the house. Furthermore, regardless of whether the lights are disabled, the décor item will look stunning wherever it is put.

20. Re-purposed Outdoor Fireplace

fire pit ideas

Nothing will save you more than a recycled project. Using a recycled washing machine drum, costing just about $15, and spending less than an hour – you will have an impromptu fire pit right away!

This DIY fire fit will bring a vintage stylish look to the whole garden and can be moved easily everywhere! Let’s try this one – all you need to prepare is a recycled washing machine drum, some wooden boards, and woods to light the fire. That’s it!

II. Design & Safety Considerations

Some considerations you need to take into account before starting any physical work:

  1. Install drainage system to your fire pit kit. It can be a drainage hole under the fireplace or a layer of gravel of the inground fire pit allowing water to go out.
  2. For most warmth and glow fire, you need to set the height for the fire pit at least 20 inches from ground level.
  3. For safety, choose the right materials for the fire pit bowl such as lava rocks, bricks, lava pebbles, or fire-resistant glass. Please avoid river rocks or certain types of concrete as they will explode under high heat.
  4. Be cautious about any activity with fire pits to avoid fire and chemical hazards.

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