Fountain Installation Renton – FAQs about Water Fountain Installation

Fountain Installation in Renton Landscape

Fountain Installation Renton – Water features in Renton WA have been proven as a solution for both noise and beauty to increase your property’s value. Many local homeowners prefer the installation of water fountains in their home project because of their smooth water flow which can draw the attention of visitors right away when they come to their house. Though water fountain installation Renton used to be landscaped inside and outside of large residences, you now don’t need to be too wealthy to have it in your garden.

The average cost of waterfall installation in Renton WA is about $2,700 with a typical range from $700 to $8,500. You can get a variety of perfect water feature choices at a low-end cost with a simple fiberglass fountain or at a high-end to install a custom-made water feature. Not only its visual appeal but also its soothing effect can enhance and create a focal point for your landscape.

Let’s have your own water feature in the garden with the price breakdown in this article!

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Landscaping Renton Waterfall Installation

Water fountain contractors in Renton WA are available for you to call today. Are you in search of waterfall ideas and need someone skilled to provide you with high-quality service? If yes, you can proceed with your project right away with us or other American arborists. We are here to provide you with drinking fountain installation Renton cost and give you the best choice of a natural environment in your yard.

Green Arbor Landscaping is a team of professionals with ongoing licensed. Like other trustworthy West Seattle landscapers, we use qualified equipment with high-grade material for any project we provide. For a long-lasting Renton waterfall installation, you can count on us in every single step. We can convert your old outdoor space into a worthwhile living property with the feeling of a soothing mood and atmosphere.

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Cost Estimate of Installing Water Features for Landscaping Renton

National range: $200 – $15,000

Fountain installation Renton costs depend on many factors. You need to have a price breakdown to have a thorough insight into what you’re going to pay for. A simple fountain in Renton WA could charge you less money while a full-sized one with a customized design can cost you even a thousand dollars. You can expect to pay for the waterfall installation by calculating its material costs, the price of the fountain itself, labor costs in Renton WA, the cost of equipment used in installation services, or all project costs such as cleaning fees, surface preparation, machinery,…

Sometimes, you need to pay more fees when the location where you place the waterfall is not good because it requires digging and paving which can cause changes to the surrounding. However, these factors will be not included in the price quote estimate:

  • Permits are required in Renton projects.
  • Inspection of Renton building fees.
  • Materials and supply tax fees.
  • General contractor fee. If any installer asks for this kind of fee, you need to report to the authorities and choose another reliable company.

Water Fountain Costs by Material in Renton WA

Based on materials, a fountain model can charge homeowners from $200 to $16,500 with general designs. There are many types of materials used in waterfall installation with the least expensive one of concrete, fiberglass, and the most one metal waterfall. In spite of a wide range of material choices, it is important to choose the one which is durable enough to resist outside exposure.

Below is more detailed information about each type of fountain material cost calculated based on a medium-size water feature.

Concrete Water Fountain

National range: $150 – $9,800

Concrete Fountain

The most durable material is concrete – or known as cement. A cement fountain can withstand every weather condition especially when it is sealed annually. You will expect to pay approximately $1,328 for a prefab waterfall and up to $10,000 for a custom design.

Although this material is so durable, it requires high maintenance, especially in a colder climate. If you let concrete fountains freeze, they can appear some cracks and damage themselves which can hardly repair. Also, these waterfalls are so heavy that you will place them as a permanent fixture without moving out of the installation.

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Rock Fountain

National range: $200 – $12,650

Rock Waterfall

As heavy as concrete waterfalls, a rock fountain is a common option to enhance the beauty of your outdoor garden. You’ll need to pay around $1,500 for a prefab model and up to $12,000 for a custom rock fountain in Renton WA. This price estimate includes a slate fountain price and fine-grained rock.

There is a variety of options involving different colors and structures such as granite fountains, natural-looking rocks, and so on. Because of their weight and structure, rock fountains are hard to repair if any cracks happen. That’s why you need to maintain them so carefully, especially in extreme weather.

Fiberglass Fountain

National range: $150 to $8,300

Fiberglass Fountain

Fiberglass fountains might be the most affordable material with a typical range of between $150 for a general model and $8,300 for a high-end design. These waterfalls weigh quite light and are much easy to move without high maintenance. Fiberglass fountains can be mixed with resin and made to look like natural stone designs.

Because of its lightweight, fiberglass waterfalls can easily fall due to strong winds and will need repairing more annually than other materials.

Metal Fountain

National range: $500 to $150,000

Copper Fountain

The average metal fountain installation price is the most expensive in the wide range of material costs. You’ll expect to pay from $250 to $20,000 for a general model and from $2,500 to $150,000 for a custom design. Metal materials include copper (most common), stainless steel, or brass. They are in favor by many homeowners because of their amazing color and elegance.

Being considered high-end, metal fountains are susceptible to weather conditions and durable that homeowners don’t need to maintain regularly. And because of their advantages and high-end elements, metal water features always cost more than other typical materials.

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Fountain Cost by Type

Besides materials, the overall fountain costs could depend on which type of water fountain you want for your landscape. And which style must follow which space you want to install it in, your budget, and how it matches with the surroundings. There are some types of water fountains in Renton WA, including bird baths, tabletop, or cascading fountains placed in the focal point of the garden.

Bird Bath Fountain

Bird Bath Fountain

The cost to install a bird bath fountain into your landscaping garden is between $200 and $2,400. These fountains are usually made of fiberglass, concrete, or resin which can resist weather elements. And the reason why they got this name is that they contain a shallow basin above allowing birds to have their bath on it.

Glass Wall Fountain

Glass wall fountain installation Renton costs could be from just $200 for prefab models and up to over $20,000 for custom-made ones. A glass wall fountain is also known as “a curtain fountain” used as a decorative function.

Curtain Fountain

These water fountains contain a frame sheet of glass that allow the water to flow and makes it look like a wall of water. Despite its decorative structure, you need to clean it regularly because this fountain is made of glass and needs cleaning from stains. Even so, this type of fountain is much easier to maintain than other types.

Vase Fountain

Also known as urn fountains, vase fountains are made of ceramic and can cost up to $30,000 for a custom design. Vase water features are commonly used for both indoor and outdoor spaces with their wide range of materials. Apart from ceramic, this type of water fountain is also made of concrete, rock, and stone which are durable enough to withstand the weather elements.

Vase Fountain

However, a ceramic vase fountain is not good for cold areas because it can easily develop a crack.

Fountain Cost by Landscape Design

Depending on landscape design, waterfall installation costs can be up to $75,000 with an average price of $3,500.

Outdoor Fountains

The typical range for a grand bronze Buddha fountain is about $100,000 to install on a patio, backyard, or garden. You can choose another type of material from the listed ranges but remember to consider the climate where you live. A plastic fountain will not work well in heat weather, especially when being exposed regularly outside, while a ceramic one cannot be your perfect choice when you’re living in a cold climate.

Outdoor Fountain

Waterfall Fountain

A waterfall fountain installation can cost around $100 – $5,500 with a huge option of colors, sizes, and styles. These extravagant fountains are usually installed in large outdoor areas while more small models are landscaped indoors. As their name suggests, they have the direction for water to freely flow downwards to the ground.

Waterfall Fountain

Backyard Water Features

Most people will pay around $8,000 for a medium-sized fountain with a pump in the backyard, and the addition of approximately $30,000 for pond installation combined in this project. The most common pond many homeowners prefer are spitters for this water feature. This could be known as a national choice because a pond fountain in the backyard can not only help minimize algae and mosquitoes but also keep the surrounding environment clean.

Pond Fountain

Fountain Maintenance

Annual maintenance for fountains is the best way to cut down your additional fees and maintain your fountain work well. The price to perform the fountain maintenance is between $50 and $150. Maintenance works include cleaning the pump, draining the water, wiping the surfaces, removing all debris or trash, sealing surfaces, etc.

Outdoor works might involve more tasks because the fountain is exposed more to weather elements. The landscaping professionals need to remove insects, and fallen leaves at least twice a week, drain the water more regularly when the water appears murky, scrub all the surfaces, and so on.

Outdoor Landscaping Fountain


FAQs about Outdoor Fountains in Renton

How Long Does It Take to Finish Fountain Installation Services?

The standard water fountain usually takes around three days to build. However, it takes only a few hours to finish a tiny fountain and some humongous ones may consume three weeks or even more to complete. Skilled professionals can commit the process to work more smoothly than a DIY project. You can contact one professional to get their assistance with free estimates beforehand.

Is Water Fountain Worth Money?

People anticipate serene, lovely outdoor fountains in a courtyard when they think of fountains. The soothing sound of water flowing into the fountain may help to create a tranquil atmosphere in any area. Fountains can also help to improve air quality due to negative ions that are released by reason of evaporation.

A water fountain’s soothing, slow pouring is an excellent stress reliever. It encourages rest, contemplation, tranquility, comfort, and sleep. For those reasons above, a water fountain will make you satisfied with an affordable budget.

Is It Hard to Maintain Water Features in Renton WA?

Maintenance depends on which type of water feature you use in your landscape. However, this task isn’t too hard to do yourself. But in case you need more attention and care for larger fountains in Renton, it is good to have professionals clean and maintain them.

When taking care of the fountain, it is important to take the pump hidden beneath into account. You need to avoid turning on and off the pump regularly to prevent damage. Also, the water flow needs to be changed and added more water when there are changes in humidity in the surroundings.

Renton Waterfall Contractors – Fountain Installation Renton

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love the sight and the sound of flowing water from waterfalls on their own property. Even a business owner cannot help using fountains to enhance the customer services they provide. That’s why finding a good contractor for fountain installation services will become the most concerning issue for many homeowners and business owners.

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