Functional Advice for Garden Design in Bothell, Washington

The front yard serves as an entryway and adds curb appeal to your property. With the aid of front yard landscaping, you can simply express yourself and your property in a good manner. You should have excellent front yard landscaping if you want to give the sense of a friendly welcome. When someone walks into your home, they should feel at ease.

The first impression people get of you is formed by the front yard of your home. Colorful flowers should be present in your front yard garden. These flowers may be used to line a sidewalk or the walkway leading to your front entrance. Any first-time guest will be delighted by flowers placed in attractive beds surrounding your front entrance.

The plants and trees in your front yard should be neatly bordered. Shrubs serve a vital function in keeping things looking tidy and orderly. The bushes, on the other hand, must be well cared for. Consider planting fruit trees or dogwood trees in your front yard to provide a nice and pleasant scent for you and your visitors.

Many individuals regard porches to be significant spaces. The size of the front porch determines how it may be made attractive. Benches and tables may be utilized to provide comfort and create an inviting and cozy look. Plants and flowers may be used to give color and depth to your front porch, making it more appealing.

Your walkways and sidewalks must be kept tidy, clean, and well-maintained. The nicest sidewalks in most homes are built of concrete or other types of beautiful stones or rock. It may become the focal point of your front yard. A little pond in the front yard may be a relaxing addition to your pathways, or you can build a fountain with bricks or stones as borders for a more traditional look.


1) When I say ‘business in the front’, I’m referring to keeping the front yard neat and basic, but yet engaging and vibrant without going crazy. Because excellent curb appeal is something that everyone agrees on, hire a designer to ensure that you, your neighbors, and future potential purchasers can all agree that your landscaping is well-done and friendly.

2) In the front yard, use formal design features such as evergreen boxwood hedges to create a ‘cleaner’, more formal look that offers interest throughout the winter. But don’t make it monotonous; blooming shrubs and perennials are also essential!

3) To add depth and increased seasonal interest, choose taller shrubs that reach the bottom of the windows against the house and shorter shrubs or perennials along the front border. Using two or three layers of plants (tall in the rear, medium height in the center, and shorter plants in the front) looks much nicer than a single row.

4) To achieve consistency and simplicity, place groupings of the same blooming plant species adjacent to one another. When flowering, this also helps these groupings look more spectacular from afar (easier to notice from the street… “curb appeal”) and less overpowering than utilizing many kinds in a limited space.

5) Include both evergreens and flowering perennials to keep things interesting throughout the season. I prefer to use evergreens in the rear row and boxwood hedges in the front.

6) If you enjoy planting annuals every year, limit them to pots, window boxes, or a small designated part of the landscaping near the front door or at the start of the main walkway, where they will bring attention to the front door. Annuals, as well as tiny blooming trees like hydrangeas, may serve as focal points.


Walkway and Structures

The path or pathway that goes up to your front door is the first component of your front yard to examine. This walkway can be built out of stones, bricks, or concrete, but it is the foundation of your landscaping plan and one of the yard’s main areas, so keep that in mind when incorporating needless bends. A route that integrates stairs into the design may be used in a hilly front yard to guarantee that the pathway on a hill idea is not too steep for your guests. If you want to give your front yard a more garden feel, build a walk with mulch or tanbark, but these paths are frequently accompanied by stepping stones to ensure that the ground is level.

If the yard is vast, add fountains or statues that complement the pathway to make it feel cozier. When it comes to adding buildings to your front lawn, be cautious since too many can create an imbalance that draws attention away from the rest of the yard. Instead of going overboard with lawn decorations, create elevated sections where you may put your flowers if you want a lot of structure in your front yard.


The lawn itself is the next component of your front yard design to think about. Is the grass completely covering the yard, or are there any bare areas where dirt may be seen? If your grass isn’t completely covering your front yard, you may either plant new grass seed or mulch it and put shrubs and flowers there. You can use any flowers you like in your garden, but be sure to include blooms from each season. You don’t want a lovely lawn in the spring and a barren spot in the fall.

Trees are an excellent choice for framing your home. Small shrubs may add to the overall aesthetic of the yard by creating ideal accents. One approach to make use of tiny shrubs or plants is to construct an edging design that integrates your favorite plants into a nice walkway edge. This border design will help you achieve symmetry in your garden, but don’t forget to keep up with the plants and edging in your front yard. If you’re looking for some tools to trim your plants and keep them looking nice, this garden tool set is ideal.

Let’s take a look at some landscaping ideas to get your creative energy flowing into your front yard.


This design features a large number of circular flower beds. They’re all edged with flower edgings, with bigger plants in the center and perfectly groomed grass.


The perfectly straight pathway contrasts with the house’s slanted roof. Bright pink flowers, accent shrubs, and tiny trees line both sides of the path.



Edging is a fantastic addition to a front yard, and this design incorporates tiny stone edging. The garden is set on a hillside and features red and purple accent plants, shrubs, and rocks.


This concept is suggestive of a familiar paradise. The home is painted a soft pastel hue, with a huge palm tree on one side, a smaller one on the other, and numerous tiny plants bordering the path.


Hills provide wonderful options for gardening. On the approach to the door, the pathway includes two sets of stairs, and the bulk of the space is mulched with green plants and shrubs. The area of grass in the yard provides a stunning horseshoe effect.

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