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Not so far from Seattle, Renton is now no longer just a suburb but a wonderful place to live and redo your home and lawn. You’ve got a lot of things to do with the yard in Renton WA, but it can be a tough project to take care of your lawn care needs when you have a jam-packed schedule and don’t have enough time to have a look. Good news: you don’t have to have lawn care stress any longer when we – Green Arbor Landscaping – are here to give you a hand in your lawn services in Renton WA.

Green Arbor Landscaping

We offer you everything about a full lawn care service, from lawn mowing, and leaf removal to grass cutting for all customers in both residential and commercial areas. With a team of highly knowledgeable experts, you’ll not be afraid of which will work best for your yard, we can handle everything. For us, no job too big – no job too small! All members of our team, including the business owner, will do the best we can to finish the lawn care for your front and back yards.

If you decided to have weekend days to relax but still want a beautiful lawn, call Green Arbor Landscaping today. We work with you at an affordable price for a great lawn care service not only in Renton WA but also in Seattle and surrounding communities. Hire a professional for this excellent job and spend most of your time relaxing.

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Lawn Care

Full lawn services in Renton WA are not just about proper mowing, tree trimming, and dealing with bald spots but all the services relating to lawn maintenance in the long run. You should know that tree service is a fantastic job that required many efforts of service professionals to finish properly. Let’s discover our lawn services in Renton WA and pick the items that mostly match your interests and call us right now!

Renton Lawn Mowing

lawn mowing service in Renton WA

The mowing process should be kept going on throughout the lawn life cycle. Most companies charge the spring clean-up service about $100 – $300 combined with the additional service like mowing, adding fertilizer, or so on. It’s better to mow the grass to encourage new green life and generate well before going into the harsh condition of summer and winter.

For a lawn mowing service in Renton WA, you can expect to pay the average price of $33 per grass cutting. There are many mowing service professionals that you can compare prices among those to best choose one for you. At Green Arbor Landscaping, we always recommend having weekly mowing services to maintain the greenery of your beautiful lawn.

Weed Control

Another lawn care service is weed control for the lawns. You’ll not want to have weed seeds overrun your garden surface and limit the vegetable plants to thrive. Lawn weeds are plants that can grow anywhere they want to absorb air, nutrients, water, and light from your garden landscape, as well as hidden diseases.

weed in lawn

Lawn service with weed control in Renton WA can include several ways:

  • Use an electric weed eater

  • Pull out by hand

  • Mulch the lawn

  • Apply herbicide

  • Have tree trimming

Green Arbor Landscaping knows your stress lawn with weed growths. Therefore, we ensure that your entire experience with our lawn care services could be the best health ever.

Tree Care Services in Renton

Tree Care

With the tree care services in Renton, all the trees in your backyard or along the sidewalk receive the best care. Our company offers all lawn services related to tree care, from tree and shrub trimming, stump grinding or removal, tree cutting, and watering, etc.

You can read more about our tree service in Seattle WA here!

Renton Lawn Maintenance Service

Proper lawn maintenance can take you hours, or even days, especially in the hot temperature of Renton WA on these summer days. Moreover, with snowy winters in Washington areas, it is essential to keep your lawn healthy and maintain its lush green over the cold-harsh temperatures in the winter and get ready for the next spring.

lawn maintenance

The lawn maintenance needs are throughout all the seasons in a year. There are two suitable times for doing your lawn maintenance project: the first is a spring yard clean-up, and the second time will happen in autumn to prepare for winter. You’ll not want to be stuck with a mountainous chore list when the sun is shining you your lawn in Renton WA.

lawn maintenance 1

With Green Arbor Landscaping, we will handle all the hard work of lawn care services for maintenance. You can explore more about our finished lawn services here:

Additional Services

In addition to these lawn care services above, we still offer more additional services in Renton WA, such as yard cleanup, tree trimming, hardscape construction, etc.

clean up the yard

Yard cleanup is a tough project requiring much time, money, and effort. A full yard clean-up includes debris and leaf removal, pruning and trimming trees or shrubs, edging, mowing grass, mulching gardens, gutter cleaning, snow removal, planting flower beds, maintenance, etc. Because a full yard clean-up project includes a bunch of work including not only raking leaves, and leaf removal but also getting rid of the fungus, disease, and insects,… you should have your yard clean as soon as possible.

The price for a yard cleanup project is usually charged by the season since most services related to cleaning the yard depends on the season to choose the proper methods. You can examine more about yard work prices here – Click here!

debris removalpruning edgeraking leaves



Depending on several factors, you cannot be informed of an exact price for a lawn service project in Renton WA without any consideration. It might be in terms of season, the yard size, the location of the lawn, the services you chose, etc. On average, the cost for yard maintenance is about $25 – $80 for each visit.

Therefore, if you want to get an exact quote for your lawn care in Renton WA, contact a local professional beforehand to give you a free estimate before going to any physical work. A trustworthy address will take a real visit to your lawn before assessing the price of lawn service in the final so that you can compare the prices between landscaping professionals you choose to make a decision.


renton lawn mowed

In Renton WA, you’ll expect to have bi-weekly mowing for your lawn care project. This is the common frequency for almost lawns in the Renton area. But you can do this weekly or monthly, providing that you never ignore the lawn care from the beginning. Besides, your lawn also needs fertilizing as frequently as weekly mowing for the lawn. You might want to aerate the lawn but not necessary.


Do you want to know how a lawn care service process works? The following information will give you a general look at what you’ll expect to know and do!

Get a free quote estimate

Pick your phone up and let us know which services in Renton WA you’re looking for. You’ll need to give us some information about your lawn, such as the yard size, its problems, etc. Then, you can get an instant quote estimate based on your information. And of course, it’s free!

Call us at (206) 265-2940 or fill out our online form and we will call you back immediatelyhere.

for Lawn Care

Schedule a visit

The next step is to schedule an appointment for our team members to come and assess your lawn in general and give you the final fixed prices for the overall project. This is to ensure that throughout the lawn maintenance service we provide, there is no additional fee.

Schedule a visit

Receive service

We’ll set up and arrange for you our skilled lawn professional to come and complete the lawn care for you. You don’t have to be at home when our members perform lawn maintenance. If you have any special requirements, just tell them beforehand and we take the rest.

Receive service

You are done!

Get all you need for your lawn care with just a few clicks. The payment is also online! You can also book more additional services in Renton WA through our website.

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