How Much Do Boulders Cost for Landscaping?

Whether you want to add landscape boulders as a focal point in the yard, combined with a large stone wall, or to enhance the curb appeal, this natural look will also make your landscape design more eye-catching to enjoy. These landscape boulders are not only maintenance-free with colorful options but also affordable.

The average costs of landscape boulder installation are:

  • The average maximum cost to install landscape boulders: $600 per ton
  • The average minimum cost to install landscape boulders: $100 per ton
  • Minimum labor charge: $30 per hour


In general, a boulder is defined as any rock larger than 12 inches in diameter and comes under any shape, texture, the color of rocks. Although it comes with any shape, there are two common types of boulders: round and angular.

Round boulders are granite and sandstone which the surface of the stone is worn over by water and their edges and curves are smooth.

round boulders

In contrast to round ones, angular boulders got flat surfaces and jagged edges. They might be composed of granite, sandstone, crushed stone, and basalt, but not just only these.

angular boulders


In general, these costs mentioned in this article are provided by landscape boulders professionals with mid-grade materials. Depending on some factors like installation labor options, the cost of landscaping boulders can be higher. The following information we provide you is just a cost estimate, so you’ll need to visit construction sites to get the right fee for this project.

The cost estimate includes:

  • Local delivery (materials and equipment) costs and transportation service.
  • Labor setup time and minimum hourly charge of landscape boulder installation.
  • Cost to protect the existing structure of the working site, materials, and components

The cost estimate does not include:

  • Building permits by your local building department
  • Material and supply tax
  • Costs to test hazardous materials
  • Costs to bring electrical and plumbing systems into compliance with current building codes


With a national average cost of landscaping boulders, homeowners should expect to purchase the typical stone boulder by the ton: from $100 per ton to $600 per ton.

The landscape boulders cost can vary depending on the type of local rock and its size. It’s synonymous with that if you want more large boulders, the total prices you should pay are higher combined with the labor and transportation charges.

ton of boulders


Also, landscape boulders cost by type of rocks:

  • River rock: the prices range from $100 – $800 per ton
  • Lava rock: about $75 per ton (can high up to $110 per cubic yard)
  • Granite rocks: from $50 to $70 per cubic yard
  • Pea gravel: average minimum cost of $2/bag to maximum cost of $3 per bag
  • Large rocks: the national price of $100 – $600 per ton

free rocks


How Big is a Boulder?

A boulder is actually a rock fragment with a diameter is larger than 256 millimeters (10.1 inches). While there are some smaller boulders called cobbles to move manually easily, others are usually extremely massive and impossible for one person to move all alone.

How to Include Sandstone Boulder Into Landscaping

If you plan to include sandstone boulders into your landscaping design, the cost of the landscape boulder installation project should be charged by cubic foot depending on how much the stones weigh. Usually, the average weight of a sandstone boulder is about 150 pounds per cubic foot – which means 3-feet-boulder (equivalent 27 cubic feet) will weigh about 4,100 pounds.

sandstone boulders

Limestone boulders and granite boulders are much heavier than sandstone ones that weigh at 175 pounds per cubic foot.

How Much Are Large Rocks Best For Landscaping?

Some people find their purchased rock look insignificant in relation to other features and overall of the landscape. If you choose a rock that is too small, it might become dwarfed by surrounding plants once they get mature. Don’t be afraid to set your boulders larger to fit into the context of a larger landscape. If the rock is too big, it could be buried underground that you don’t need to concern about it. Let’s go big with it!

Large gravel might be the best choice in the garden bed which is made from river rock. This design makes it a more decorative appearance.

What Does One Cubic Foot Weigh?

One cubic foot of granite weighs approximately 2.7 g/cm3 – equivalent to 0.005952482 lb/ cu ft.

Typically, a square boulder weighs 165lbs with the same height, width, and length.

How much Does A Ton of Gravel Charge?

Mass squashed stone and rock costs are $10 to $50 per ton by and large. Street base expenses are $18 to $30 per ton, and plain pea gravel or limestone rocks cost $28 to $45 per ton. Purchasing rock in little amounts costs more than $100 per ton. It takes 1.4 huge loads of stone per cubic yard.

How Do You Move Boulders?

To move large rocks, you will need an old tire to lift the rock onto it to pull around. Under the original place of boulders, wedge a pry bar to dislodge boulders to set leverage, and balance that bar on a wooden block. Then, drag smaller landscape boulders to another spot from the previous position.

To move the small and medium-sized boulders, put them onto sliding devices and move them.

Get Rid of Landscape Rocks

Gather all the free rocks into each separate pile towards its rock type. If possible, divide rocks into types. For example, keeping pea gravel separate and making separate piles for granite rocks and limestone rocks. Then, remove all surface debris existing in your yard as much as you can by spraying the rocks with water.

separate pile of rocks

If you want to hire a professional to install landscape boulders starts, contact us with the following information:

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