Let’s discover landscape architecture in Bothell, Wa.


Landscape architecture, in general, encompasses a broad range of activities, probably best summarized by the profession’s motto: establishing a balance between the built and natural environments. It necessitates a multidisciplinary approach that includes environmental science, art, ecology, and much more and may yield astonishing outcomes like restoring endangered wetlands, safeguarding government and other facilities, and eliminating poisons from rainfall. These aren’t fairy tales. They are now being designed by landscape architects.

Landscape architecture is a structured research, design, and building process for creating new landscapes that fit the needs of the people involved. It entails developing suitable planning initiatives, particularly for those impacted by changes and regions that have been severely harmed, such as suburbs, peri-urban, industrial, and coastal areas. The goal of such planning efforts is to significantly reshape the landscapes that have been devastated.


Landscape architecture is a field of study that focuses on intervention via planning, design, and management activities. It also addresses the art and science that supports all activities. All of these activities are bound together by the idea of landscape, which may be defined in a variety of ways. However, it is commonly believed to refer to outside habitats and human-environment interactions. Landscape design is concerned with all forms of landscapes, both urban and rural, and at all scales, from a single open area to a whole area.

People like well-designed gardens, public parks, playgrounds, residential neighborhoods, college campuses, commercial malls, golf courses, and parkways as a consequence. These places are designed by landscape architects to be not only useful but also attractive and in harmony with the natural environment. They design the placement of buildings, roads, and pathways, as well as the flower, shrub, and tree arrangements.


Landscape architects, it has been remarked, are responsible for the landscape we see around us. They plan, create, and maintain natural and constructed environments, as well as open spaces. They strive to create spaces that are both inventive and appealing to the eye. Their projects span from planning the layout of parks, gardens, and housing estates to city-center design, athletic events, and land improvement. This implies that landscape architects are responsible for more than simply aesthetics; they are also responsible for the creation of space, the ambiance of development, and the built environment’s quality.


Do you ever feel stressed out over the expense of expert landscape design services? If you were aware of the advantages of a well-designed landscape, you would not hesitate to schedule an appointment.While some may consider landscaping to be unneeded, the majority of people are aware of the value it brings to a home.While landscaping may be tedious and exhausting at times, the perks and returns you receive make the effort worthwhile!


1. They have the necessary experience and knowledge.

Gone are the days when a garden design consisted just of pavers, a bricked-in barbeque, and a few plants. Because many modern homes are built with indoor-outdoor living in mind, the yard must be planned as an extension of the house.

The landscape designer’s task is to develop a plan that flows and connects to the house. When you hire an expert, various technical aspects that you may not have considered will be considered to improve your design. These are some of them:

  • Alfresco spaces, pools, and lawns or play areas should all flow together.
  • Pools should be placed optimally, and safety barriers should be considered as well, since they might be an impediment if placed wrongly.
  • When created at 1200mm height, structural components such as retaining needs may frequently be included into a raised pool edge, which may also serve as an infinity edge and a pool barrier.
  • Deciduous trees may be placed to let winter light into your home while also providing summer shade.

2. They are well-connected in the industry.

Shade structures are frequently used in garden designs. A shade structure can be created to give shade as well as a unique feature that serves as a focus point for the yard. A feature tiled wall as a backdrop might be in keeping with your home’s inside tiles, or stone cladding with lights at night might be a striking feature.

These sorts of constructed components frequently need special trades, and your landscaper will either have the ability to install them or the industry connections to ensure a great result. They’ll also be able to get supplies at wholesale prices, which will save you money.

3. You will receive a professional but personal service.

You will select a landscaper who is a good fit for you while looking for one. It will begin with their portfolio of work, which will pique your attention, and you will get a sense of their design direction and create a rapport from there when you meet.

From a designer’s perspective, one of the most important aspects of the design process is to listen to the customer! Listening carefully to a client’s needs and tastes, then elaborating on them, will result in a design that properly fulfills the brief.

4. You receive the results without all of the hassle and effort.

A skilled landscape designer will not only know the proper building procedures and follow technical standards where necessary, but they will also do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

Installing a cabana roof or paving a driveway might be physically demanding, but a competent contractor will be up to the task, and an experienced crew will ensure a rapid and precise installation.

5. You can build the outside area of your dreams while also increasing the value of your property.

Your lifestyle will be improved by a wonderful garden design. The pleasant weather in Bothell encourages us to spend as much time as possible outside, so why not construct an outdoor area where you can relax with your family?

For instance, a pool area that the kids will like (or a swim up bar that the adults will like!) or a fire pit or pizza oven area with some creative seating that encourages you to use your outside space on a colder night or while entertaining.

These features will not only improve your quality of life, but they will also help you sell your house and increase its worth.


We realize that property owners want to get a return on their investment in a professional plan while also feeling secure about paying a design charge.

  • The average cost of a landscape design in Bothell, WA States is from $2,600 to $4,600.
  • For residential projects, some landscape architects might charge upwards of $11,000!

Smaller projects, such as a simple paving stone path or basic planting, may have a lower landscape design cost, so if you have a smaller project, we may discuss what the design price should be.


1. Green Arbor Landscaping:

Green Arbor Landscaping is a full-service landscaping firm with years of expertise servicing customers in Bothell and the neighboring areas.

They are a licensed, bonded, and insured company. Their techniques and techniques for designing and building your landscape adhere to the most recent industry standards. Excellent Service, Effective Communication, Quality and Reliability, and Industry Expertise are the pillars around which the company is built. They assure their clients that they will receive excellent outcomes.

2. Bailly & Bailly:

Bailly & Bailly is a Bothell-based architecture practice that has worked on projects all around the world. They appreciate constructing structures and practical environments that boost your mental and physical well-being. They work on residential and commercial architecture projects, as well as new construction, adaptive reuse, and renovations. From the commencement of the project through the completion phase, their experienced staff and experienced consultants (engineers, interior designers, and landscape architects, among others) collaborate on project delivery.

3. Board & Vellum:

Jeff Pelletier started Board & Vellum in the attic of his Capitol Hill house in 2011. He didn’t want his name on the door, he wasn’t interested in just one architectural style, and he was anxious to show that remarkable design could be combined with a no-nonsense approach and excellent service.

4. Greener Living Solutions:

Greener Living Solutions was founded by a unique partnership between a Landscape Architect, Joanna D’Asaro, specializing in exteriors, and a Builder General Contractor, Bert Bradley, specializing in interiors & green construction. The result is a broad scope of 40 years of experience and custom ability applied to your project!

5. The Sculpted Earth LLC :

The Sculpted Earth LLC is a landscape design and installation company serving the greater Bothell area. The Sculpted Earth was founded in 2010 to offer residential and commercial customers creative, artistic and ecologically responsible landscape solutions.

6. Vertumni Fine Landscaping:

Vertumni is a full service design and build landscaping company specializing in client focused installations. We can provided stand alone design and consultation, regular or seasonal maintenance, and hardscaping to include patios/paths and walls. We have been serving the Bothell area since 2001 and Bruce Bond, the owner, has been a professional horticulturalist since 1987.

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