Landscape Boulders Prices: How Much Do Boulders Cost?

If you are a person with artistic instincts who are deeply into creating a functional and colorful landscape design for your garden spaces, it’s time you should say goodbye to the ordinary landscaping design! The placement of landscape boulders has become the new trend for almost all landscapers to enhance the curb appeal of their garden beds due to their beautiful appearance.

With landscape boulders, a rock does not just rock! That landscape boulders offer an amazing range of large shapes and different colors have explained this trend of using large landscape rocks which create the wondrous effect to your landscapes with the low-maintenance requirements. When choosing large landscape rocks for the yard, the diverse inspiration of various sizes, textures, and colors from these large rocks helps breathe natural beauty into the outdoor space.

Moreover, the large landscape rock contributes to nature’s beautiful green on the lawn without requiring many green plants. Whether you are in DIY projects or landscaping contractors choosing the right rock of landscape boulders, we are here to help. We’ve collected and now suggest to you how to corporate big stones into the yard, water features, or flagstone. Let’s get started!



In general, landscape boulders are defined as any rock larger than 12 inches in diameter and come under any shape, texture, the color of rocks. Although they come in any shape, there are two common types of boulders: round and angular.

A round boulder is a granite and sandstone boulder, in which the surface of the stone is worn over by water and its edges and curves are smooth.

round boulders

In contrast to round ones, angular boulders got flat surfaces and jagged edges. They might be composed of granite, sandstone, crushed stone, and basalt, but not just only these.

Typical Stone Boulder Used for Landscaping

The landscaping rocks used for boulders might be less important than the appearance of each rock. However, you should also choose the rock type which is relevant to your existing style of landscaping design and consider your budget when investing in these landscape boulders. When landscaping with boulders, the right color of stones means a lot to the landscape projects.

crushed stone

In the landscaping industry, there are all sorts of common boulders which come in every color from natural as green, blue, and brown, to unique like gray, gold, pink, etc. Depending on which region you live in, choose the right rock while still laying the true authentic colors.

This is a list of common rock landscaping boulders you can take a glare at:

  • Black Basalt Column

  • Black Granite

  • Black Crystal Basalt

  • California Gold Rock

  • Copper Rose Rock

  • Sierra Brown Rock

  • Desert Gold

  • Desert Marbled

  • Golden Queen

  • Grey Granite

  • Vista Cloud Rock

  • Santa Barbara Sandstone


A landscaping garden is your own property, so getting to know thoroughly how to improve your outdoor space with landscape boulders when dealing with a DIY project is more essential than ever. In case you’re afraid of doing it all alone and do not want to risk allowing bad things to happen, you should contact professionals for help. Now, let’s get started on this project!

Choose the Right Color of Boulders for a More Natural Look

The hardest part is coming! Most homeowners don’t know exactly how many colors of the river rocks are available for the landscaping boulder project. The surprisingly wide dozens of boulders’ colors guarantee to attract your guests and bring wonderful effects to your landscape. Moreover, the color of the boulder will not only enhance both your landscaping and neighborhood but also affect your mood with its range of eye-catching beauties.

Right Color of Boulders

Try to imagine: the landscaping design could come with striking boulders of black, to peaceful off-white, or elegant pink, from mellow gray to red hues, or with the greens from boulders with moss/plants, or even orange. You can combine these different colors and shapes with each other to create tons of landscaping moods. Hence, you should be confused about which will be “the right color” of landscaping boulders that you need.

Group Boulders Into Clusters (Like Rock Wall)

rock wall

You can try to gather the landscape boulders into groups instead of single ones. A single rock might bring simplicity to your natural design but clusters of more than three rocks are more eye-catching and impress guests with a more natural look. The boulder clusters could be found in the rock wall or a pool.

Form Retaining Walls

Not only for fire pit installation, but the boulder is also a durable material that is really suitable to install for retaining walls. Strong winds might blow down the fence, however, a boulder wall is more attractive and solid than that.

boulder wall

Rock Water Features

Boulders and big rocks landscaped as a water feature will make your backyard more tranquil. Although many gardeners install a pond as their simple water feature, you can make up your own attractive garden ideas such as a bubbling rock wall, or birdbath. They are the most beautiful way to create flexible edges to the landscape structure in the garden yard.

bubble rock

Landscaping River Bed

A river bed is used as a solution for drainage problems or any other outdoor issue. A fascinating river bed is what you can easily install to liven up the yard without paying precautions for drainage issues. You can separate the areas by the border of stones or a river bed to direct the water flow underneath your living spaces.

river beds

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In general, you can expect the project cost to range from the lowest pricing of $120 to the highest one of $4,000 for installation. However, you cannot just come to conclusion about this cost right away since there are several considerations that you might face during the project. The total cost depends on many factors, including boulder materials, yard size, or even additional costs.

Keep reading to get a specific insight on how much landscape boulders cost.

Cost of Landscaping Rocks per Ton

On average, the cost of landscaping rocks is between $20 and $900 per ton, depending on each material you choose for the landscape. Landscape boulders come in a variety of materials, colors, textures, and so on. You can expect to pay less for decomposed granite or pea gravel, while the cost for river rock or lava rock would be higher.

Landscaping rocks are appropriate options for your garden vision that are cost-effective and reach aesthetical purposes. These rocks are used for walkways, driveways, retaining walls, patios,…

Cost of Landscape Boulders by Type

Boulder materials are what you first consider when estimating the costs of landscaping boulders into the yard. As we mentioned before, there are many different types of landscaping rocks used for this project. Each stone will have a different aesthetic, appearance, size, and function. You must expect to pay more for rarer stones that are unavailable currently in market stores.

Cost of Boulders

Please note that these costs we listed below are materials only (not yet calculated labor and other costs).


Decomposed granite is a variation of eroded granite due to weather over time. This is the most popular type of stone which is usually used for driveways, walkways,… This material costs around $25 to $50 per ton with a wide range of colors and variances in textures.


Because crushed limestone is readily available in many different shades, sizes, and styles, its cost is also quite affordable: $30 to $45 per ton. Crushed limestone has become one of the go-to materials for landscaping with boulders because of its availability, affordability, and most of all them: attractiveness. Its range of natural colors brings a beautiful curb appeal to your garden beds.


Crushed granite costs a little bit more expensive than the above materials: between $75 and $100 a ton. Although its appearance is quite similar to decomposed granite, crushed granite brings slightly larger and more upscale shades. Crushed granite gravel comes in luxury colors such as beige and red that are often used for driveways and patios.


River rocks are smooth stones that come in various sizes and colors from the bottom of rivers. River rock is used as a drainage solution for almost all backyard gardens to prevent flooding. Its wonderful function and smooth appearance make the overall cost slightly higher: $100 – $300 per ton.


Landscape boulders are larger than usual stones used for landscape design. Some are small enough for you to carry by yourself but some require a crane or machinery. That’s why the material cost is quite expensive –from $100 – $500 a ton. These stones are used as a focal point in the middle of a pond or placed in dry beds.


Lava rock is an igneous rock that is formed from volcanic lava. This is one of the priciest types of landscape stones: between $120 – $280 per ton. Lava rock provides you a good solution for mulching due to its durability which lasts permanently.

River Rock Prices by Type

river rocks 1

River rock is one of the best landscaping choices in the market. River rocks are also separated by type and they come in a wide range of costs, from $80 to $500 a ton. They are small rocks that are round and smooth in appearance and come in a variety of colors. There are many types of river rocks you might be interested in (we calculate per ton):

  • Colorado: $80 – $250

  • Rainbow: $100 – $200

  • White rocks: $150 – $200

  • Arizona: $150 – $250

  • Salt and pepper: $175 – $280

  • Flat: $200 – $500

Landscape Boulders Cost per Square Foot

Although purchasing landscaping stones by the ton is quite popular, you can also pay for rock per square foot. The cost ranges from $1.25 to $8.70 per square foot. Depending on the depth and the size of materials, a cubic yard creates around 80 to 162 square feet. And if you purchase more square feet of rocks, most companies will give you a better discount based on the quantity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free estimate at (206) 265-2940!


How Much Are Large Boulders Best For Landscaping?

Some people find their purchased rock look insignificant in relation to other features and overall the landscape. If you choose a rock that is too small, it might become dwarfed by surrounding plants once they get mature. Don’t be afraid to set your boulders larger to fit into the context of a larger landscape. If the rock is too big, it could be buried underground you don’t need to be concerned about it. Let’s go big with it!

Large gravel might be the best choice for the garden bed which is made from river rock. This design makes it a more decorative appearance.

What Does One Cubic Foot Weigh?

One cubic foot of granite weighs approximately 2.7 g/cm3 – equivalent to 0.005952482 lb/ cu ft.

Typically, a square boulder weighs 165lbs with the same height, width, and length.

How Do You Move Boulders?

To move large rocks, you will need an old tire to lift the rock onto it to pull around. Under the original place of boulders, wedge a pry bar to dislodge boulders to set leverage, and balance that bar on a wooden block. Then, drag smaller landscape boulders to another spot from the previous position.

To move the small and medium-sized boulders, put them onto sliding devices and move.

Get Rid of Landscape Rocks

Gather all the free rocks into each separate pile towards its rock type. If possible, divide rocks into types. For example, keeping pea gravel separate and making separate piles for granite rocks and limestone rocks. Then, remove all surface debris existing in your yard as much as you can by spraying the rocks with water.


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