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Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor landscape. Most all homeowners want to design their unique outdoor living and the desire to make it be one-of-a-kind will go along with making a project of installing a number of lighting services, including its installation and lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting should be combined with the exterior designs to light the garden and make it less of a target for burglars. Outdoor lighting can be related to the safety and preservation of your house and beloved ones. Whether you want to install it by yourself or hire a professional for an extremely experienced project, it’s worth building your own outdoor lighting project to create a warming atmosphere for a dining patio and light a pathway.

In Seattle, Washington, there are a variety of techniques and installers for an outdoor lighting project. This article will help you find out some professionals in Seattle for your own full-outdoor-lighting project.


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A flawless lighting plan is not only necessary for the interior of the home, but it also helps you overlook the outside of the home. There are some advantages if you install outdoor lighting that you may not know. Outdoor lighting may raise the value of your property and improve the security of your home. Continue reading to find out how outdoor lighting may benefit your family and home.

Outdoor lighting provides you a safe feeling

A gloomy property offers several safety hazards to your family and your guests. It’s difficult to see where you’re going and detect any impediments in your path when pathways and stairs are poorly lighted. Installing outdoor security lighting will bring you visibility when it gets dark outside. It also provides you peace of your mind when you spend time on a vacation with your beloved people and there is nobody home.

outdoor lighting area at night

The more light you got, the better feeling you have. Installing appropriate lighting fixtures in the right places will eliminate all of the frightening areas, enhancing safety and peace of mind, and guests will be able to locate your house with ease. By illuminating your home’s exterior, you will get no concern when the night comes and you can still feel comfortable.

Outdoor lighting prevents unwelcome guests

Unwanted guests, both human and animal, can be deterred by the security lighting. If you want to keep furry critters out of your garden, try investing in a security lighting system that is particularly intended to detect animals. Moreover, outdoor lighting has been demonstrated to reduce crime when it gets late. Outdoor lights with motion sensors may be useful; if motion is detected, whether from you walking outside or an intruder, the floodlight will switch on. You should also set your lighting system on a timer to manage your energy while your property is still kept safe.

The functionality of your home will be increased

When you install security lighting on your back patio, deck, or front yard, you will have the possibility to fully utilize these areas. For instance, you can spend your time with your family or your friends as long as you want outside your home instead of gathering inside your home. You can also hold a night party in your backyard with no hesitation thanks to your lighting system.

night party in the backyard

Outdoor lighting prevents unwanted accidents

Your guests may get difficult to take a walk around the exterior of your home, and unfortunately, some unexpected accidents could happen when nobody pays any attention. An outdoor lighting system may ensure that any guests can get to the front door without stumbling or falling, regardless of the season or weather.

outdoor lighting prevent unwanted accidents


Here are some designs and lighting fixtures of landscape lighting that you can examine to have this project done in your Seattle-area landscape. Different lighting fixtures in different designs will make different feelings and functions to your home space.

path lights



Wall or deck lights


Landscape lighting may improve your outdoor living, increase security, as well the quality of your house. Begin by learning about the options, then plan and install landscape lighting to enhance your property and showcase your home. If you want to install a perfect light system for your home, you have to know what you love the most in your yard to make it to the conference.

Then, you should plan how you will use your outside area and the location that you will use to install landscape lighting. In addition, if there is a special feature you want to draw attention to, make sure you take it into your design to build the landscape lighting based on that easily.

lighting design

Choose the most important location to install security lighting so you can feel safer, and set a timer on to make sure the security of the outdoor lighting system can work smoothly.


Select accessories which are relevant to your exterior and gather them on your shopping list, as well as your landscape lighting design.

Find a landscape professional or electrician near your location to install the lighting project for you to avoid unwanted problems for you and to ensure that the installed system will be safe for your guests and beloved ones.


For the best result of a landscape lighting installation project, it’s better for most homeowners to find their local business. They have experience and the right tools for each work of this project. You can easily search the list of professionals near you with a large number of comments on the Internet. In which, you can exam whether that company is good or bad enough to choose their services. No one wants to waste their money and time on a bad address.

The following details will show you some contractors in installing landscape lighting in Seattle, Washington that you can consider hiring for your house.

Green Arbor Landscaping

Green Arbor Landscaping

Green Arbor Landscaping is a full-service, 35 years experienced landscaping company serving customers. They inform you confidently that they will provide you with professional landscaping lighting services in the area not only around Seattle – Washington but also all around Bothell, Issaquah, Renton, Maple Valley, Bellevue, and the surrounding communities.

All their team members are not only required ongoing training to maintain their licenses with hands-on experience at the top level, but also provided with a vital amount of tools, and each of these tools has very high quality. This means their team members have the possibility to work personally and bring you perfect landscaping lighting services as you wish. In addition, their team members are very friendly and knowledgeable, their goal is your pleasure so you definitely can count on them.

To contact Green Arbor for a free cost estimate here is some information that you might need:

Green Arbor Landscaping not only provides landscape lighting service for the Seattle area but also other landscaping services, such as bamboo removal, sprinkler installation, construction of paver, patio, deck, pathway, etc. Also, the team commits that all services will go along with full maintenance service for your home landscape, so you’ll not need to worry about how to keep their longevity with you.

Feel free to call them anytime for a free quote. The team will satisfy you with their experiences and professional qualification to enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscape.

Washington Outdoor Lighting

washington outdoor lighting

Washington Outdoor Lighting was created with the intention of three men to provide their customers with experiences and pieces of knowledge that they have gained after years of working in this field. At Washington Outdoor Lighting, light is not sold, the thing being sold is their experiences. Therefore, their staff is required a lot of training to improve their skills and knowledge. They also have as many types of equipment as they need in order to work personally and get the best results for clients, they want to give their clients a clear see in the dark and make their home be a conference at night.

You can be their customers if you enhance your property and have a great lighting fixture to increase your home’s value. To contact Washington Outdoor Lighting, please follow the information below:

  • Phone call: (425) 765-4107
  • Email:
  • Site:

NW Electricians Today

NW Electricians Today

Homeowners in Seattle and the surrounding areas may rely on NW Electricians Today for high-quality electrical services. NW Electricians Today understands that your home’s electrical system is critical to you and your family, therefore no matter how the services you want from them, they’ll always be ready and happy to take on the challenge.

Their electricians are all certified and properly educated, and they promise total client pleasure. They will do everything to make sure your system works perfectly and be reliable for your property. NW Electricians Today is always ready and willing to tackle the project, whether you need an electrical inspection for a property you’re buying or selling, lighting fixture installs.

To contact NW Electricians Today, you can follow the information below:

  • Phone number: 206-782-1837
  • Address: 16611 48th Ave W, D8/Edmonds, WA 98026
  • Site:

C & L Landscape, Inc.

C & L Landscape, Inc.

C & L Landscape, Inc is a company that runs a lighting business, which was found in 1983 in Florida and named C & L Specialties. In 1993, C & L Specialties was changed into C & L Landscape Inc by a woman, who owned it and kept this name until now.

C & L Landscape, Inc’s staff always attempts to provide meaningful and consistent service to their clients. They guarantee to take you through the whole process, from the initial phone contact or online visit through the conclusion of the job. They are also aware of the project’s schedule and financial restrictions, which they keep in mind throughout the process.

C & L Landscape, Inc is a family business and they look forward to many years of delivering exceptional service to their clients. If you want to contact them or request them a quote, these are information of C & L Landscape, Inc:

  • Phone number: (904) 638-4890
  • Address: 1601 East Duval Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • Site:

Seattle Lighting

Seattle Lighting

Seattle Lighting is a long-standing business in the landscaping lighting field. The company was found in 1917 by Walter Funnsin and Joseph Schomer, its first name was Seattle Lighting Fixture Company. The first store was opened in the center of the extraordinary Pionic Square of Seattle, and they still run it until the present.

Their goal is to maintain notions that have helped them be successful since 1917. With the 100-year experience, Seattle Lighting promises you to bring the best satisfaction for you and your property. They love sharing and helping people that in love with the landscaping lighting. Seattle Lighting will give you more than just the light of your home, that is their experience.

To request Seattle Lighting any quotes, follow this information and contact them:

  • Phone: 1-800-689-1000
  • Email:
  • Site:

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