Stamped Concrete Patio – What are the Pros and Cons?

Most homeowners are not satisfied with the existing outdoor design of their yard. Are you one of them? And are you looking for a wonderful way to refresh your outdoor spaces with a larger and more comfortable area to relax? If so, this article is perfectly what you’ll wanna know.

Stamped concrete is one of the most excellent ways to re-landscape a high-end design into your yard, in the same combination as natural stone or wood, but more cost-effective. Installing stone or stamped concrete features will not only enhance the beauty of your entire home but also provide more outdoor spaces for your family members to relax. Now, there are several concrete contractors offering you a wide range of stamped concrete colors and patterns along with tons of design ideas to choose from. You can pick out one for your own project!

Some stamp patterns mimic perfectly the appearance of some luxury materials. No matter whether you want stamped concrete patios, pavers, or concrete slabs, this will show you a complete guideline for stamped concrete patios, including their cost, cost factors, enhancement in design ideas, etc. You can get an estimate for your own project then.

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As you know, concrete is an incredibly strong material that can resist weather change, even in extreme conditions. Because of this reason, concrete is usually used in landscaping design in many forms, such as patios, walkways, driveways, walls, etc. However, the appearance of original concrete is not preferred by many homeowners.

concrete patio

Therefore, there are several concrete designs to create any pattern you want. It can mimic the beautiful look of stone, brick, or even wood. Wet concrete can be poured into shaped molds to press the stamped concrete and create the desired look of tiles or cobblestones.

Like any other material, stamped concrete patio definitely owns its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the below information to decide if a stamped concrete patio is right for you.

Pros to Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped concrete offers limitless choices of colors, textures, and patterns in various design ideas. You can create your own one-of-a-kind design with concrete in what design you want. You can also add cement coloring into existing concrete to create a more natural appearance like natural stone or marble.

Also, the concrete surface is really smooth which is ideal for landscaping large surface areas or oddly-shaped spaces. Because of its smooth surface, the concrete patio is also slip-resistant when contracted with non-skid additives.

And the most common advantage a stamped concrete patio provides, which most homeowners care for, is affordable cost than pavers, brick, or stones. The labor costs, as well as the installation cost, are relatively lower than other options, just takes the labor team a few days to complete the process perfectly. The stamped concrete patio cost not only saves you more money but also enhances your home value to a higher position!

Concrete is durable and easy to care for. When it’s well sealed, the concrete surface will not allow weeds to poke through, and not stain. Its longevity is really long-lasting with easy maintenance!

Cons to Stamped Concrete Patio

However, no matter how well you maintain the concrete patio, it can appear some minor cracks on the surface. Over time, these minor cracks can expand to bigger and will become difficult to fix or replace. In this case, it needs cutting out completely with the help of some professionals since it doesn’t seem DIY-friendly.

Another problem with stamped concrete patio is that it tends to wear and tear over time, especially in heavy traffic areas. Therefore, concrete driveways need recleaning and resealing every 5 – 7 years.

Although concrete is slip-resistant, it can cause accidents if getting wet. This means you should not use the concrete in the areas around the pool or regions which get frequent rainfall. And in some extreme climates, such as high heat or freezing, the concrete patio could be expanded leading to crack or warp.

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Pavers or concrete slabs can create a similar appearance as stamped concrete but smaller and pre-poured tiles. Compared to concrete, pavers are more limited in color and style in spite of their various patterns. Paver or concrete slab is a single stone or brick that is laid side-by-side to form a patio/pathway.

pavers 1concrete slab

Pavers and concrete slabs are a budget-friendly option, but not as concrete. The starting cost for laying pavers is around $11 – 15 per square foot on average. However, they will cost less than when stamping concrete with a more complex design. You understand this: pavers are more expensive than concrete with basic design ideas but cheaper with a complex stamped concrete design!

Then, we will have some comparisons between stamped concrete and pavers to see which one will be better!


In terms of safety, both options have disadvantages! The stamped concrete patio is smoother, even in the rough areas, which is perfect for handicapped accessibility. However, wet concrete will create slippery accidents for people if poured concrete is not added with a sealant with grip.

On the other hand, thanks to its materials, a paver is more naturally slip-resistant, even when getting wet. Therefore, pavers are usually used around pool areas without any consideration. However, the texture of the pavers is not as smooth as concrete – you should add more grip for wheelchair use or basic rough areas.

Maintenance Required

Stamped concrete doesn’t require maintenance as much as pavers. The space between each paver needs adding gravel or sand to fill up. Therefore, the tiles also required upkeep more frequently when the sand is blown away to maintain their first condition. You must perform this process once a year to reseal the tiles as well as possible.

Stamped concrete, on the other hand, requires less upkeep in the short term. However, the poured concrete patio cannot bear too much heavy weight. Over time, the concrete patio might crack and wear down under the impact of heavy furniture or traffic. That will be the time to resurface or replace the concrete every two decades for the best use.

But it will be much easier for homeowners to replace a single one if the tile gets cracked or stained while you must reseal the entire part of stamped concrete. This is not easy for DIY!


To calculate the stamped concrete patio cost, you can expect to consider some factors. The cost could be charged by patio size (per square foot), the design complexity, thickness of concrete, the location where you live, the shape of patterns, etc., depending on how your concrete contractors charge.

Keep reading, we will give you a general insight into stamped concrete patio costs to look up!


Stamped Concrete Cost per Square Foot

The typical cost for stamped concrete patio is from $12 to $18 per square foot. Depending on the type and complex pattern of design, the cost per square foot can increase up to $25 in the average range. Since the cost is calculated by the square foot, the bigger your concrete patio slab is, the higher price you would expect to pay.

Average Cost by Design

The complexity of design is one of the biggest factors impacting the average range of stamped concrete cost. It might be a very simple design or even highly complex. For a highly complex design, the labor would spend more time, effort, and skill to finish the project. The more detailed and extravagant the stamped concrete, the higher the labor costs!

Basic Stamped Concrete Design

basic design

A basic – simple stamped concrete patio is usually along with one color hardener and a repeating pattern. This design often costs homeowners just from $8 to $12 per square foot. Because this pattern doesn’t require hand-edging, the labor team can use a simple square or rectangular pattern that is the least expensive. They can choose stamped concrete with cobble, limestone, or brick running bond patterns to save the final cost.

Mid-range Stamped Concrete Designs

mid-range concrete

A mid-range design can create more depth and interest for your patio than a basic one. It can include from one to two patterns with multiple colors along with various materials, such as European patterns, limestone, brick, or random stone,… Therefore, the cost for a mid-range design of stamped concrete patio is between $11.5 and $18 per square foot.

High-end or Complex Stamped Concrete Designs

complex design

High-end designs are more complex with many different patterns, colors, and accents. In addition to the existing stone’s appearance, the contractors also apply hand accents to enhance the beauty of stamped concrete patio, therefore, the cost is much higher than any other type. You’ll expect to pay a price of between $18 and $30 per square foot.

An example of a complex stamped concrete patio design is to use a random stone with more texture around the separate border stone. Then, hand color on the stone to provide more depth and variation in color for the design. It can also be added with more patterns and detail, such as pressing images of small animals into the stamped concrete patio.


Other Factors Affect Cost

Other Factors

In addition to two common ways to calculate the stamped concrete patio cost, some contractors also charge by:

  • Concrete patterns: the price for a cobblestone design will differ from a Riverstone one, European fan, Yorkstone, Sandstone, or Fractured Earth. The range cost can vary from around$8 – $25 per square foot.

  • Concrete thickness: if you want a stamped concrete patio thicker than the common concrete slab (between 4 – 6 inches), the labor costs to install would go up.

  • Location: If your home area is on a flat surface and easy to pour concrete, you will not have any additional fees. On the other hand, what if your soil condition is poor? What if your terrain is hilly? These conditions will add up to your final bill for a stamped concrete patio since poor soil means poor drainage, which requires you to hire a professional to solve these issues beforehand, as well as level the land.

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Stamped Concrete Fire Pit

A clever way to enhance your stamped concrete patio is to add a fire pit to create a flaming fire around your outdoor kitchen. This design is ideal for outdoor activities for your beloved members to gather together with a cohesive-looking patio. It will make your home distinguish from any other houses in your neighborhood.

concrete patio with fire pit

A fire pit is at the price of $1,000, therefore, adding a fire pit to your stamped concrete patio can increase your bill to $2,000 for a basic concrete patio design, and up to $4,600 for a 200 mid-range sq. ft. patio stamped.

Stamped Concrete Walkway

Stamped concrete is also great for a walkway or driveway. Let’s imagine a stamped concrete walkway leading to the fire pit in the center of your outdoor yard – it must be wonderful!

And for this design, you have to pay from $1,800 to $3,250 for a 200 sq. ft on average, and can up to $5,000 for a high-end design.

stamped concrete walkways

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