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Combining stone landscaping with both lawn, walkways, patios, retaining walls into your yard garden is the best way to add impressive details to your backyard project. No matter what your landscaping projects are, great stone landscaping construction ideas will give you practical purposes for the back yard and the natural stone becomes the perfect accent to enhance the outdoor spaces when correctly incorporated. And the right tone of the stone will set up the overall feel of the stone landscaping project to bring natural beauty to the landscape.

It is really important to choose the right stone landscaping ideas and businesses that bring you excellent results along with their best services to the customers in this project. What will be more terrible if you choose a look which does not satisfy you many years later and the feeling you get when working with that company is the worst thing you’ve ever experienced? Let us give you our information – the construction team you can believe in and some advice about stone landscaping ideas for your house!


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Established in 1988, Green Arbor Landscaping offers a variety of stone landscaping services for all of your needs. The company has served customers throughout Seattle, Bothell, Issaquah, Renton, Maple Valley, Bellevue, and the surrounding communities. With our methods and similar technologies, which comply with the latest industry standards, we always focus on bringing a great experience to our clients and meeting their requests with great results and quality products of construction.

From the beginning, Green Arbor Landscaping is a full-service business, specializing in landscape design, construction, sprinkler service, and ground maintenance. We have over 35 years of expertise in gardening and landscaping job, including retaining walls, fencing, asphalt & paving, rock driveway, hardscape services or concrete services, and so on! Our team members are bonded, licensed, and insured to guarantee you meet your lawn maintenance needs.

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If you’re interested in landscaping your backyard into the greatest outdoor space, Green Arbor Landscaping is what you’re looking for. You will have the best experience with 100% satisfaction and get the job right done! Contact us to get an estimate for the whole backyard projects with the following information:


We take pride in offering a variety of services of landscaping and construction throughout every state of the country. Take a glance at our service pictures to give us your request.

Landscaping & Gardening

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Landscaping and gardening a house or a business is one of the easiest projects that do not challenge the landscapers much. Our team has worked together to handle and find out which designs will match your landscaped yard and which materials should be used.

Look forward to meeting our list of landscaping work:

Retaining Walls

To build up a retaining wall as a privacy fence for your outdoor living area, choose some stones or bricks as well as the design ideas for this job. We will help you design your own ideas and install either a concrete wall, a stone wall, a block wall, or a rock wall. As long as you want, we always provide you diversity choices that meet your needs.

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Figure outHow to build a small retaining wall for your landscape space!

Hardscape Services


Our landscaping hardscape construction will provide you with a range of services from the patio, deck, walkway to the driveway. For this project, DIY work might require a large effort to get the work done thoroughly. So, let the professionals handle it with the perfect accent for your natural and durable driveways.

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Asphalt & Paving & Fence


We take pride in serving clients a range of durable asphalt and paving services for the driveway, walkway, or parking lot work. This is the most durable and affordable work that experts recommend you should hire a quality company to finish it for you instead of DIY. Just call Green Arbor Landscaping to meet your needs with the highest guarantee for the ending results that require less maintenance for later.

List of our services here!


Joyce Isah:“In 3 days they came in leveled out my backyard, cleaned up all the old debris and brush, the yard was horribly uneven with a bad slope a (30” drop off in one corner). My yard is now perfectly level the slop/ drop off is gone. I have a nice new gravel border around my fences and house, 12 x 9-foot tall beautiful trees for privacy along the back, a nice new sod yard and a fully automated watering system for everything. I got 3 bids and Green Arbor Landscaping & Maintenance was way below the closest one and ½ the cost of the highest. I will use them again and I would recommend them to anyone”

Joey More:“Green Arbor Landscaping & Maintenance has carried out two pretty large projects for me in the last two week. One involved preparing and installing concrete pavers and two stone surrounded flower beds in part of my backyard. The other involved building a trellis, repairing sections of a wooden fence, breaking up and removing old concrete and making a large new growing area to replace it, they also patched holes in my front yard stone wall to prevent soil from running off. They carried out all this work completely to my satisfaction, they did it quickly, on time and with high quality. They did not leave until the work area was completely clean and tidy. I highly recommend their work, I will definitely use them again in the future.”

Sxvn: “I hired Green Arbor Landscaping & Maintenance to design and install a patio for my backyard, they were easily the best contractor I’ve worked with. The entire process was simple and fast, they made sure all of my questions and needs were answered quickly and smartly.”


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