Stone Privacy Walls: Great Ideas for Architectural Style

The living trend of homeowners throughout recent decades is to spend their relaxing time in their own backyard with beloved ones. However, no one will want their neighbors, as well as the distraction of wild animals, to know what’s going on in their property, especially in the area in which neighbors’ home is constructed closely together. Privacy fences are what they’re looking for to add privacy or protection into their own house.

An attractive privacy fence provides the solutions to all of your home’s problems: from privacy issues to landscaping beauty in your backyard. Regardless of its size or style, a well-installed fence will help you create a beautiful yard with privacy and protect your family from prying eyes and the loud sound of neighbors. This will be the most natural privacy fence to ensure you enjoy your private space with your family in peace.

Let’s find out 7 design ideas for the privacy fence that Green Arbor Landscaping has provided you in this article below to create your own security in your home gardens.

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If you are into a privacy fence in the combination of hardy from stone and soften from wood, you can absolutely enjoy both of that ideas.

fieldstone and wood fence

A carefully-designed wall is made from rock that not only is more solid and substantial on the surface but also provides adequate privacy fence, as well as security to your house. Adding more plantings which include some flowers or shrubs enhances the beauty and value of the fence. This fence feature transforms and combines completely all the parts of the wall and grown plants into a wonderful place.

rock fence with plant

Plantings soften the hard rock of the wall and make an architectural design with a green life to the privacy fence. This fence design will hide the rock wall, redirect sound away so that the sound will be absorbed instead of being reverberated. These plants should be maintained in the raised flower beds covered around the privacy fence to create both visual and sound privacy.


pool with stone fence

If you plan to install a pool area or already have it in the backyard, your pool definitely wants a privacy fence along with the stone fountain to block it from the prying eyes of neighbors, especially street-passed people. There are endless ways for homeowners to customize by their needs, however, a pool privacy fencing doesn’t need installing too tall due to your vision angle which is lower than water level. This water feature is used to add privacy and the benefit of water sound to your swimming area with your beloved people!


Other materials like wood will bring more excitement for homeowners and cost less, however, they last in a short life and require a big effort to maintain and need replacing periodically. That’s why a precast concrete fence is recommended to you! A concrete privacy fence is resistant to the rigors of other agents like weather, harsh temperature, winter storm, etc. that is more superior to other elements of materials.

concrete privacy fencing

You can take a look at the SimTek stone fence which is sound-proof and more affordable than other traditional concrete privacy fencing. There are several colors and tall options of concrete fencing (include 6′, 8′, 9′, 12′, or 16′ tall) available at any fence installation company. The concrete walls will be pre-built and shipped to your house to finish installing and committed with a lifetime warranty.

Simtek concrete fencing

You don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort maintaining the concrete privacy fence because of its low maintenance that can provide a beautiful landscape through many generations and create extreme protection.


A curved stone wall brings more elegance to the home’s value than just a straight wall. A privacy fence with curved designs creates a feeling of enclosure which defines the patio seating area in the backyard and provides enough seats to block the outside view.

curved fence

The curved flagstone walls include some common stone types such as granite, quartz, and limestone. The gracefully curved fences with gravel backyard patio not only add privacy to your property but also create the flourishing style of the landscaping value.

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An outdoor living space gains bonuses by its airiness due to not being confined by four-side walls. However, to add privacy to your home, you should consider adding a single privacy fence with the roof above. Careful planning of the wall installation will block unsightly views without affecting the already feelings of the outside living room.

outdoor living room

If you plan to install an outdoor kitchen with privacy fencing, make sure you provide enough safe area to leave your kitchen appliances or grill out of the attack of winter snow or rainstorm. Build a special shelter for your kitchen area along with a sturdy metal roof. You can also add weather-resistant curtains to the well-made stone fence for a touch of romance. Up to your needs, these curtains might be easier to control when drawing them to block neighbors’ eyes, or tied back to show off the view.

curtains in outdoor kitchen

When choosing the curtains, remember to check the fabric that is mildew-resistance!


low stone wall

If privacy elements are not a high priority of your backyard plan, a low stone wall should be installed followed by your needs instead of higher walls. This is because the cost of a low fence is more affordable and the wall is easier for anyone to install. Moreover, with low stone walls, there are more choices of shape, design, and style if you’re in terms of appearance than avoiding “prying eyes” and blocking the view sight.

dry-stone wall

For example, a dry-stone fence will allow you to construct due to its structural integrity with a low wall. But above a certain height, this design will prevent you from being able to install. Pots and containers can also be added to the low wall styles and top the walls.


Why Should We Opt Stone for The Installation of Privacy Space?

Stones have become so prevalent nowadays in the use of privacy fences for natural landscaping purposes. In more traditional architectural design, the wood fence or picket construction has been used for privacy walls. These constructions define your property boundaries, however, they can not prevent prying eyes from curious into your daily activities. The stone fence will provide more privacy and better protect you from the noise of neighbors.

A solid stone fence is a significant barrier that burglars might not target your properties in purpose, bringing more safety to your yard and family.

The Difference between Stone Privacy Fence and Stone Privacy Wall?

Both walls and fences also provide safety and security to our yard. However, in traditional, a fence could be known as a “wall” which can be seen through mesh or blank space, while a wall is more solid with 100% private.

fencesolid wall

With the stone privacy fences, this definition seems to not be suitable that it requires to look more like a wall than the old fences. Stone fences are more designed for privacy like other stone walls, but interspersed with wooden parts or ornaments. Because of that, the term “stone fence” is more appropriate than just “fence” or stone wall.

stone fence

Iron Gate

A last important point when building a stone fence is the consideration of an iron gate. This will make the way coming to your home much easier than blocking all the views of your landscape. An iron gate will be one of the best choices which maximize durability and security.

iron gate

Or you can consider a wooden gate with natural stones and styles. the wooden gate is combined with the hardy of the stone creating smoothing senses to open and close than the traditional one.

wooden gate with stones


When finishing considering all the points of a privacy fence, have you had the desire of installing it right now? If you haven’t had any ideas for your designs yet, just contact us for all the consultants from the beginning to physical work. Green Arbor Landscaping is a team with all licensed members and always on top of years of hands-on experience which will satisfy you. We serve customers all around the country with all solutions under the same roof.

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