Stump Grinding Service: Is It Better?

No matter whether a tree needs to be removed by accidental damage from a storm or by deliberately, it always leaves the stump on the ground. Because many homeowners want to improve the beauty of their landscape design after the tree removal, they must come to a stump grinding job not to detract its natural beauty and danger. Each different tree will have different tree stump removal services to pull up the entire stump. And in general, stump removal is related to heavy machinery to completely remove tree stumps, called “stump grinder”.

So how to use stump grinders without injury? Is it better to remove the tree stump? How long does it take for stump grinding? And what is the cost of having professional for stump removal?

Keep reading and in this article, we will give you the overview and detail to answer these questions about the tree services that you might need!

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It depends on your decision! No one can ensure which is better to remove or grind the stump or just let it be. But you might expect to know what will happen if you don’t have stump grinding or stump removal after removing the tree.

tree stump-1

Once the tree is removed, many homeowners can’t anticipate how unsightly tree stumps left would affect your maintained garden. The leftover stump will grow around its perimeter if not removed or grinded after a tree is removed.

Although sprouts, which are suckering from the tree trunk, are a natural phenomenon, none of this growth will successfully create more healthy trees in the backyard. Instead of that, you will have to prune the tree stump all over and over again when the sprouts turn into branches. This process will last until the trees exhaust completely their own energy. At this time, would you ask yourself whether you want to deal with this issue or just stand there and watch the tree stump in the garden?

tree stump-2

This is the best argument for stump grinding work. No matter whether you choose tree stump removal or stump grinding, it depends on whether you want the roots to disappear or not. Stump grinding will be much faster and cost-effective but not remove entire roots, while stump removed can eliminate the roots but leave a depression in the lawn, which indicates there used to have roots there.

Moreover, tree stump removal is related to the safety hazards when tripping. The backyard is the place for your children to play or for anyone walking there. They might not see there is a stump at the ground level and get damage or injury. For safety reasons, tree care services must be taken to avoid a tripping hazard for both people and animals.

stump on the ground


There are some alternatives for a stump removed, including grinding, burning, chemical stump remover, or using an ax. Each different method will have a different fair price that requires the equipment needed for the tree service. To compare basically, grinding is the fastest method but the most expensive one while chopping with an ax or heavy equipment is one of the least expensive methods and needs more labor.


stump grinding

Stump grinding requires machinery like stump grinders to break the tree stump into mulch from 1 to 12 inches on the ground level. Stump grinding doesn’t remove roots, therefore, takes less time and cost to finish this job. You may expect to pay about $100 – $400 for stump grinding work, with the national average being $300.

Although this method will reduce the destruction of the soil compared with stump removal, the effect of stump grinders will not make the soil fertilize as before. That’s why after having the stump grinding work, you shouldn’t plant more trees in the same position. Also, stump grinding is not advised for gardeners if there is any diseased tree stump. Because the grinding process will leave splinters, wood chips, and sawdust on the ground, which will spread more disease to the areas.

diseased trees

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You also can drill a hole into the middle of the tree stumps and pour kerosene or a mixture of nitrogen-rich granules into it. Then, set the stump on fire and light it up. Nitrogen will keep the burning process and control the fire not to spreading over other areas.

burning the tree stump

The average cost of the burning stump process begins at $250 and an addition of $40 for each stump. However, flaming a tree stump might not be the best method because of wasting time and resources, which also doesn’t remove the roots thoroughly.

Chemical Stump Removers

The typical cost of the chemical stump method is around $100 per stump. Similar to the burning method, you would pour chemicals into the hole of the stump. Chemical stump remover includes potassium nitrate and sulphuric acid and becomes the most effective product to initiate and speed up disintegration.

chemical stump removers

This process can last up to 4 to 6 weeks to soften the stump to be ready for tree removals. Once filling the chemicals into the holes, you need to add water and cover the stump to wait for the next step to remove when the stump is rotted. Depending on your area’s regulations, you can choose chemical alternatives to suit your goals most.

Manual Removal

If you have a small stump that needs to remove, you can finish this job with some hand tools or machinery to pull the tree stump and roots. The cost for tree removal manually begins at $250 for the first stump because this job requires labor-intensive with much experience to ensure their safety.

hand tools

First, you need to loosen and dig the soil in your yard in the area where the stump exposes its roots. Then, use gravity to pull up the stump and use a pruning saw to free the trunk. This is strenuous physical work and better to hire a professional to finish instead of doing it yourself. If you have a tree removed by this method, it will create a dangerous project due to the heavy equipment required. Having a professional business can reduce time at a minimal rate and avoid issues related to underground utilities when getting rid of tree stumps.


In spite of depending on several factors, you can expect the price range of tree stump removal services is about $150 to $400 as we mentioned above. The national average cost is about $327 for tree stump removal.

stump grinding-1

Some businesses can cost the price for tree services per hour, which is at a minimum cost of $100. Some hardwoods, which have difficult stumps to remove, will charge you some additional costs. And vice versa, old stumps, which are already to be decomposed, will charge less because this is much easier to remove.

obstacles in the yard

If the area around stumps has hazards and obstacles, such as fences, sidewalks, underground utilities, or other structures, this price would increase. Also, the final pricing depends on the region where you live in. The price to hire a professional in the Seattle area would be different compared to when you have a stump grinding northwest project!



Stump Size and Quantity

big stump

As a fact, the bigger and the more the stump needs to be removed, the more work it requires to take the wood chips out. That’s why the cost also increases per stump, no matter whether the professionals are charging by the hour or stump size. You should measure the diameter stump at the ground level to have an exact dimension to calculate the cost.

On average, each stump will charge you from $70 to $250 depending on the type and size of the tree stump. For each additional stump removed, the cost will be added to half of the total bill. Many professionals have the discount on multiple stumps, so don’t worry that the cost will go high up to the sky!

Geographic Location

Geographic location is an important consideration when calculating the cost of stump grinding or removal. If you live in big cities, its price would be higher than that of urban areas. This results from the expense of permitting and insurance in the city. Moreover, some landscape businesses will charge more when they’re working for areas outside their service area. Traveling costs will be added up to their business expense, and then they will charge customers to cover that cost.

Geographic Location

Tree Types

Softer wood will charge you less than hardwood trees, such as cherry, oak, and maple. Because softwood trees or old stump trees are already in the decomposing process, they take less time and effort to remove than hardwoods. You should notice that any tree stump is complicated and difficult to remove, the cost is always higher!

hardwood stumpsoftwood stump

Removal Method

There are several alternative methods to remove stumps and trees, including grinding, burning, chemical rotting, and manual digging. Manual removal can cost both the least and most among these methods. Depending on the amount of labor required, you can expect to pay from $50 at the minimum and even more than $300.

manual removal

On the other hand, burning and chemical rotting have the same rate cost of about $100 for using potassium nitrate. However, the chemical method can take more time than another.

burning stump

Root System Structure

The root system might be the tricky thing that causes many problems for gardeners during the removal project. Some root structures get entwined with other trees or even underground utilities that can hide some potential hazards. Identifying and extracting them from these positions next to gas or water lines can add up more fees. Tree removal, which is related to tricky root systems, requires professionals to have special tools and the right equipment.

root system underground

Soil Condition

Working in bad soil conditions can increase the final cost by up to 50%. Some soil gardens, where the stumps are positioned, are extremely rocky or tightly packed clay. Because rocky can damage or even destroy the equipment, professionals must have more time and calculation to adjust the prices accordingly.

rocky soil

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Stump grinding and removal for our home can be simple work, however, it is not an easy one that you can finish within a few hours with little experience. In case you want to remove trees or stumps but you’re not sure about where to begin, the best thing you should do is to find a professional in this field to help you. They have experience and the right tools for each work of this project. Search the information on the Internet and find an address around your location. They will probably prepare the tools and materials for you, as well as from the preparation to the physical work.

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