Water Feature Installation – What to Consider

A water garden brings more value to add beauty and a lush environment to your property, in which most unique types of plants could take advantage of the water stream. The site and sound of water could transform your small space into a relaxing and natural outdoor room. Some particular water features would be considered to place around the main water feature design. Whether you think of waterfalls, ponds fountains, or fish pools installed in your water feature project, you always ensure that you have planned all the features in your mind to make them work together well!

Have you thought over about installing a water feature to improve your outdoor space? Then, are you looking for guidelines to make your water feature installation successful? Here we are! We have provided some general tips, services along with quality products for a water feature installation project that you totally could follow to ensure what’s going on on your landscape. Read this article to take these guidelines into account!



There are several types of water features, including ecosystem ponds, pondless waterfalls, fountains, patio ponds that depending on which type you plan to design, the equipment might be different. However, no matter which type it is, you always need to purchase quality products for the first time instead of cheap equipment. The more expensive the kits for the water feature project are, the better they might be. Don’t think that you’ve saved a huge amount of money when purchasing cheap equipment, your savings could be spent to fix them for maintenance later.


There are common types of equipment for almost all water feature designs, including:

  • Reservoir: as a water bucket allowing to store water in use.
  • Hose: to create bubble flows and keep hoses out of sight.
  • Pump: to push water through the water feature. The type recommended is a 2000lph pump for the water feature with a height of 1 meter.
  • Garden rake
  • Fountain
  • Caulk gun
  • Cordless drill
  • 1- to 2-in. smooth round stones
  • Pea gravel
  • Rocks
  • Water plants
  • Waterproof and pond liner padding
  • Two tubing clamps

Anew, whether what type of water feature you chose, there will be some digging work with heavy equipment which might be unfamiliar for amateurs to DIY in their property. There are always potential damages hidden below every step you walk through. In case you’re not sure about anything, just hire an experienced contractor with a license to install the water features without any unwanted accidents. No one hopes that will happen!


As we mentioned above, water features add beauty along with creating priceless value for your home by some stunning stream of water. When coming to installing water features, the most difficult decision for customers is to choose the place where to install these features on their property. Actually, no matter the size of the water feature spot, the most essential consideration when making a design to install water gardens is to notice the primary points of the project. You’ll not want to install a water garden but then not enjoy any great view from your windows!

pondless waterfall

For example, if your outdoor backyard is small, a pondless waterfall will fit your garden rather than a larger water feature installation! Although water feature ideas are endless, don’t add too many large features into that space. You might just add a waterfall flowing between pebble-stones or a small pond at the end of the waterfall stream. The pondless waterfalls are ideal enough which offer you safety and low-maintenance options without caring for a pond.

Many homeowners want to make their house even more natural than that, such as creating a large pond attached to the waterfalls to raise fish, turtles, or much other wildlife. Remember your yard is just a small place, don’t desire too much that makes your yard corner into a mess with nothing ordered!

fish pond


Not only homeowners but also some companies have found professionals to install water features into the entrance of the building to provide a healthy environment for customers so that they can take pleasure from the tranquil sound of the water gardens.

fountain in entrance

The highest priority of all commercial companies, including our company, is to satisfy our customers from the companies’ services to clients’ feelings. Installing water features such as a fountain in the entrance of the building can promote a company’s image, increase value to clients by its impressive aqua landscape.


A residential water feature installation is recommended to add vegetation with plenty of earthy colors and tones. The vibrant colors from the correct types of flowers and plants create the centerpiece of your landscape which ensures the operation of water gardens. A pond is also installed to provide a lush environment for aqua life habitat to flourish!

pond and plants

We can also consider ordering the position to set seating around the water feature installation for your residents to gather. Don’t worry about residential seating, just a simple bench or a lawn bench will solve this problem!

Or what part of water feature installation you’re worried about: installing or maintenance ponds? Green Arbor Landscaping will be always here to listen to you and help you all! Just do not feel hesitate to call us for free recommendations: (206) 265-2940


water feature lighting

Some people are concerned about whether installing lighting in the water feature area is appropriate because of feelings of electrical problems. However, when an experienced contractor has finished this work for you, this will be an ideal design for you to enjoy every moment of lighting installed in your water garden. When installing the lighting, landscaping companies will examine the opportunities for installation before going to physical work. So don’t worry, just enjoy your precious moments!


ecosystem ponds

There are 2 common options when installing water features and creating your dream outdoor space: DIY and hiring a professional. For each option, there are also pros and cons that you would like to consider before deciding which option is appropriate for you.


With the DIY option, you need to define all the locations, types of water features you want to install, and prepare all the equipment required for this work. In case you want to install ecosystem ponds or pondless waterfalls, you’ll need to dig the hole up. So, remember to call Dial 811 to check the underground utility before digging to avoid damaging utility lines.


  • You can save a large amount of labor cost when you do it yourself
  • Easily arrange your time to finish the installation work due to your schedule without depending on anyone
  • No need to search for a reliable landscaping company for the committee


  • Water feature installation is a hard job, especially pond building that you cannot do it alone
  • Lack of experience, right tools lead to some mistakes during the process
  • Possible miss out some important steps

Hiring a Professional

Professional contractors with many years of experience in this field will prevent bad things from damaging your whole garden. Their knowledge, skills, or tools might bring you a wonderful portfolio that you could take a look at before deciding to choose them. You might pay an amount of money to hire them to exchange for a skilled water feature installation.


  • The work will be done right and you do not have to do anything
  • The licensed team provides you the job insurance


  • Higher costs, including designing cost, labor cost, and extra fees.
  • Not all contractors are the best professionals in this field

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