What Is The Average Landscaping Cost?

When people come to the question: “How much does landscaping cost?”, it is far from possible to say the exact price. The landscaping costs vary depending on many factors, including the kind and scope of the landscaping project, the size of your yard, as well as the material being used for each project.


Normally, the national average landscaping cost people expect to pay ranges around $8,000 – $15,000.For such a small project as tree cutting, the cost can start from around $300 to $800.

The low cost for a higher landscaping project involving new grass seed, trees shrubs, plants, and sprinkler installation in your front yard will fall around $3,000. Meanwhile, if homeowners expect to have a professional landscape project, The low cost for a higher landscaping project involving new grass seed, trees shrubs, plants, and sprinkler installation in your front yard will fall around $3,000.Meanwhile, if homeowners expect to have a professional landscape project, artificial turf, or sod installation with a retaining wall, patio, and backyard walkway, they must spend the average cost from$10,000 to $20,000 for their home’s value on landscaping installation.

front yard landscaping

Beyond these above factors, the cost to landscape will also depend on where you live and which service packages you choose. Let’s keep reading and figure out how to estimate the average landscaping prices to improve your home attraction.


  • Costs Per Square Foot for Landscaping

  • Landscaping Costs per Hour

  • Landscaping Prices for New Home Installation

  • Average Landscaping Costs by Location

    • Cost of Landscaping Front Yard

    • Landscaping Cost of Backyard

    • Cost Landscape for Garden

  • Landscaping Costs for Yard Clean Up

    • Tree Trimming Cost

    • Plant Tree Cost

    • Shrub Planting Cost

    • Stump Grinding and Removal Cost

    • Native Plants Installation Costs

  • Landscaping Hardscape Construction Cost

    • Installing Flower Beds Cost

    • Irrigation System Installation Cost

    • Walkway Installation Cost

    • Retaining Walls Installation Cost

    • Outdoor Misting System Cost

  • Landscaping Costs for Maintenance

    • Weed Control Cost

    • Lawn Care Cost

    • Lawn Fertilization Cost

    • Aeration Cost

    • Sod Installation Cost

    • Yard Maintenance Cost

  • Landscape Designer Cost

  • Consider What You Plan Spending Money on for Landscaping

  • Questions to Ask Landscaping Companies before Hiring

  • Selecting a Professional Landscaping Company


A landscape project combines a wide range of works whose costs per square foot vary depending on yard size, how many landscapers you want, which material it requires, and how complex the job is. In common, the average cost per square foot ranges from$5 to $20 after finishing the installation.Mixing the landscape and material to your desire fluctuates the different landscaping costs per square foot, which results in the average landscape cost of$5 – $20.

For example, if you want to put down new topsoil with the price of $1 and new sod at $0.3 of landscaping cost per square foot, and then you ask the landscape company for installing pavers at the landscaping cost per square foot of $30. Adding more elements, plants, etc. will change the average costs range around $5 – $20, depending on your choices of landscape type and area.

pavers stone

You can examine the average costs of some features and structures per square foot listed below for your landscaping projects:

  • Sod: $0.3 – $0.8

  • Artificial grass: $7 – $15

  • Concrete patios: $6 – 17

  • Driveway paving: $1.25 – $15

  • Paver patios: $10 – $25

  • Decks: $12 – $40


Normally, the national average rates per hour will range around $50 – $100. However, the average prices might change depending on how much labor that the landscaping projects require.For example, it takes just one crew member to clean up the yard at an average cost of $25 – $50 per hour, while for lawn care service, it requires at least two landscapers to cut your lawn, about $100 per hour.

If you need more than just physical work, the cost that landscapers charge per hour will be higher. For example, when you want to begin planning, scratching, and designing a unique landscape, you must work with a landscape designer first. While the physical work costs around$50 – $100, the landscape designer usually charges $200 per hour for all design works.


New landscape installation requires several weeks and the average cost for new landscaping will increase significantly. As estimated, when you start to landscape a new lot, you expect to pay about 10% of your home’s value for landscape installation. According to Landscape Network, if you possess a $400,000 house, the amount of $40,000 cost is appropriate for a landscape budget. To get the landscape started, it first comes to cost about $200 an hour for a landscape designer including material and labor costs.


The location you want to landscape also impacts your average cost, including three main areas: front yard, backyard, and garden. The front yard and backyard involve fewer features than a garden, which tends to be more expensive to the cost landscape than the two others.

Cost of Landscaping Front Yard

The cost to landscape the front yard, on average, will start at the rate of $2,000, and the cost range might vary to $6,000, depending on your landscaping ideas and yard size.The front yard has the biggest impact on your home through features such as fence, shrubs, walkway, lawn, plants, and trees in your landscaping project.

There are some common front yard landscaping ideas that you might consider:

  • Fence installation

  • Building front porch and walkway

  • Driveway installation

  • Installing lights on the walkway

Landscaping Cost of Backyard

Backyard landscaping cost on average is much higher than the cost of landscaping the front yard, because of their larger structures. Homeowners usually expect to pay the average price rangefrom $8,000 to $10,000 for a backyard landscape. They spend almost all of their money on a backyard landscaping project on paths, patio and patio cover, fountains, ponds, and even a fire pit or a swimming pool, which costs around $20,000 for your landscape budget That’s why the average cost for backyard projects is typically higher.

Some backyard project ideas include:

  • Installing artificial grass

  • Raising plants, such as a lawn, trees, and flowers

  • Building a deck or patio

  • Installing a fence

  • Installing an outdoor kitchen or lighting

  • Adding a water feature, such as a fountain, hot tub, and a pool

Cost Landscape for Garden

A garden is required much more elaborate landscaping, including detailed and higher-grade professionals in layout and planning.The national average costs range between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on which kinds of landscaping your garden focus on.If your garden is more towards plants and trees, and grass seeds, the costs would be lower than those involved in hardscape features, like installing fences, water features, fire pits, etc.

The starting costs of landscaping gardens are typically climbing because of the prices for landscape designers. A garden, which is symmetrical and has repeated patterns and geometric shapes in layout, needs a professional plan to start. That’s why your cost to look for a landscape architect to discuss garden ideas usually rises.

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If you want to pay just to remove things like week, leaves, or grass before starting planning for a landscape project, the cost ranges from $300 – $700. Cleaning up the yard might be done seasonal, or whenever you want to plant new shrubs, new grass seed.

In detail, however, the costs for yard cleaning up service are separated upon each type of landscape and can go up to $10,000. Your costs for this service might include installing, trimming, or removing grass, plants, trees, shrubs, etc.

Tree Trimming Cost

The typical cost to trim just one tree is around $80 to $350, depending on the tree type and its size, as well as how trimming you want, the cost can be up to the $500 average price for a tree. And keep in mind that this cost landscape is only for one-time service per tree. The more trees and the bigger their size you want to trim, the more your bill for landscaping will cost.

Trimmingis a great way to keep your tree and family healthy. A tree without trimming can be infested with pests and detrimental to your family’s health when branches sweep against your home. Trees are also trimmed for several personal reasons of a homeowner like better appearance, or their functions.

Plant Tree Cost

Average costs for planting a tree range from $150 – $300.You can choose which area you want in your yard to plant trees, and the costs depend on the tree size and type.For example, the cost of planting an ornamental tree will be much lower than a fruit tree or highly decorative tree. Or choosing to plant a tree that has already been mature will cost your bill higher than a young one.

Shrub Planting Cost

Generally, landscapers charge the costs for planting shrubs between $25 and $50. More people desire to plant shrubs in the front yard, and some want them in the backyard along paths as well. And being the same as planting trees, adding older shrubs costs more effort and money than smaller shrubs.To save the landscaping costs, you should consider choosing new shrubs to be easier to take care of and have the opportunity to make your yard more colorful by planting various shrubs.

Stump Grinding and Removal Cost

The landscaping costs for removing a stump can range average from $200 to $700. A smaller stump might just cost below $250 on average, but it seems not many people want to remove a small one.Removing stumps is great if you are planning to plant something new and deter the stump from growing on its own. However, stump removal can cause a big hole in your yard or garden, and you must pay for higher landscaping costs to fill in it after removing stumps.

The cost landscape for stump grinding is lower than removal, varying from $275 to below $600 on average. Grinding stumps help the lawn’s surface more smooth because of the smaller stumps after grinding is done. In contrast with stump removal, you don’t have to be worried about the hole after grinding stumps, so your landscaping costs must be saved.However, if you want to add something new right away where the stumps were, grinding is not an option for you to consider.

Native Plants Installation Costs

The average cost to install native plants for a landscaping project can easily range between $2,000 and $5,000.The cost might be quite high, but the advantages it brings for your landscaping projects are better, especially in drought-prone areas.Many states living in hot and arid regions appropriate to pay the cost of landscaping for native plants in their home’s yard.

For example, the decision to plant a native cacti helps build shade and prevents erosion for your landscape design because of its drought-resistant feature.The cost for landscaping ranges below $5,000 to save your yard more permeable is worth spending. Native trees also require less effort for maintenance costs or water irrigation.


Installing Flower Beds Cost

A flower bed may transform the look of your front yard, side, and backyard. Even the dullest yard may be brightened by adding flowers, stunning mulch, and a border to the landscape design. Floral beds, which give texture and interest to regions with no big trees or any grass, are especially essential.

It costs between $1,000 and $3,000 to build a flower garden and around $2,050 to establish a 5-by-12-foot flower garden with a weed barrier and mid-priced flowers. Low-cost flowers are available for as little as $500 for a 5-by-12-foot flower garden, while rose bushes and other expensive plants can cost as much as $6,000.The cost of a landscape of a flower bed is about $2,050.

Irrigation Systems Installation Cost

Irrigation is the regulated application of water to land, plants, gardens, and crops at predetermined periods and intervals.The landscapers charge for an irrigation system usually between $1,759 and $3,350, about $2,429. As a result of irrigation, our plants are able to develop and thrive, while the soil is improved and water resources are conserved and water quality is protected.

Basically, there are two kinds of this system: a manual system that gives you complete control over when the garden is watered, or a fully automated system that lets you forget about watering the garden altogether. Installation of a manual system for small landscaping yards is less expensive than designing and installing an automatic one with timers for built-in garden beds, which is more expensive.

Walkway Installation Cost

The size, material, and elaboration of the design will determine the cost of building a new walkway or path. To install a concrete walkway, in particular, the average cost of this landscape project is from $1,900 to $2,8000. In common, this price will be at a cost of $2,350. The expense of grading or demolition may be higher.

Aside from that, landscaping costs can vary when transforming from one state to the next state. The best approach to acquiring fair and accurate pricing for your walkway is to get at least three expert estimates from different contractors.

Retaining Walls Installation Cost

Depending on how the retaining wall is constructed, the national average price will fall around $20 to $40 per square foot.For example, the landscapers charge $20 to $30 a square foot for interlocking blocks, and for poured concrete, this cost will be $30 to $40 a square foot. Natural stone retaining walls range in national cost landscape from $27 to $35 a square foot. A wood retaining wall ranges in price from $16 to $28 a square foot.

Building a retaining wall on a sloping site can provide numerous advantages to property owners, including the following:

  • Landslide prevention

  • Increasing the stability of hillside properties

  • Yard enlargement

  • Water management on lakefront properties

Outdoor Misting System Cost

The cost range of an outdoor misting system will vary greatly depending on the type. Some of the models are relatively inexpensive and may cost less than $100, but others are more complicated and may cost $5,000 or more. However, the average cost of an outdoor misting system is common $2,715.

This landscape system, often known as a mosquito misting system, may help keep mosquitos and other pests at bay around the house. Keep in mind that there are various models accessible. Some outdoor misting systems will just give you a water spray, which can serve to keep the outside environment cooler and hydrate plants. Chemicals that repel the aforementioned pests will be used in other systems.


Any landscaping project likely requires both regular and long-term maintenance costs. In general, most homeowners spend an average of $200 per month to get landscaping maintenance, lawn care, gardening, and so on. This average cost can increase by $4000/year, depending on the size of your yard, the service type, and your location.


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Weed Control Cost

The average cost of weed control range from $65 to $150 in total landscaping costs. Weed control takes various forms, so in the end, your expenses are determined by the type of weed, its location, and its population. In certain areas of landscaping, weeds are a regular occurrence. Pest treatment may be part of your normal landscaping costs, depending on how often they return.

Lawn Fertilization Cost

According to the type of fertilization and intended effect as well as yard size, lawn fertilization costs vary. Usually, people pay approximately $60 for landscaping costs per application of fertilization.Between $40 and $140 is the average landscaping spend on grass fertilization, depending on many factors.

When you fertilize your grass or plants, they will grow faster. Depending on your home location and which kind of grass is on your lawn, you can decide the time and the way you fertilize it.

Lawn Care Cost

To have the lawn care service, the landscaping cost is common between $48 and $211. Approximately $129 is the average price people expect to spend on landscaping costs. Depending on where you live, lawn mowing might cost anything from $25 to $150 each week. Size, frequency of mowing, and included services all affect the price.

Lawn Aeration Cost

There is a national average of $130 for the aeration of a yard. As low as $45 for a small yard and as much as $350 for a large yard is possible. Your lawn will benefit from aeration because it will be able to breathe and have better water movement. The aeration process also helps refresh the soil to prepare for new grass seed. Also, lawn aeration ensures that the fertilizer can be easier to get your lawn’s roots and the lawn is in the best condition to grow smoothly.

Yard Maintenance Cost

The average homeowner will spend $100 to $200 per month on landscape maintenance, grass care, gardening, and upkeep. There are more overhead expenditures for a small business than there are for an individual.If you are living in a city or crowded area, it will not come to your worry about landscaping maintenance services. However, you might expect to pay more if you have a large yard or live in a remote area.


A professional landscaper will come to your home and create a plan that correlates to the creative vision you want for the landscape. You must expect to pay about $200 per hour for the landscape design, and $50 – $100 for execution phases. The design phase takes about 2–3 hours. That fee can be anywhere from $50–$600 per hour depending on where you live, depending on whether the landscaping designers use a crew, and if a site visit is required.

landscape design

A landscape design can be as simple as a walkway or as complicated as a full-fledged landscaping design with dozens of plants and trees and features. In addition to the hours of work that go into a design, there is also a certain amount of thought required to come up with the most appropriate plan for your property. Cost is based on per square foot cost, typically average $5 per square foot or even much higher, depending on what you intend to do.


If you are considering adding some new plants to your garden, an outdoor space, or even a whole building, you should know what you want before your shopping begins. Do not spend too much money on plants only to find out that they are poisonous.

You absolutely can follow this guide to find out what you need to be ready for landscaping costs:

  • Consider what plants are available for sale in your area and how much they cost before beginning any purchase.

  • Deeply examine the plants you plan to use and ensure it is liveable in your area’s climate.

  • Consider additional costs that may be associated with purchasing a plant, such as maintenance or time involved with caring for it.

  • After considering all these factors, choose the plant that will best serve you and your garden’s needs while also remaining within a price range that meets your expectations.

Obviously, each yard will demand different items, and hence require various expenditures for maintenance. A landscape architect may help clients determine what they need, like horticulture, and outdoor furniture, and what they can afford, such as outdoor fire pits designs, outdoor kitchen ideas, etc.Due to the huge number of moving components involved, even a tiny area can be just as costly as a large one.


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Prepare a list of questions to ask potential landscaping companies once you’ve determined whether you need landscape designers or architects or all of them. To get you started, here are a few questions you can take for yours:

  • Where are you licensed?

  • Can you work with my budget?

  • What is your work schedule?

  • What is your suggestion for my landscape yard?

  • Do we need any permissions for this work?

  • How long will the work take?


Landscaping is a fantastic way to enhance the value of your house, make it stand out, and create a lovely outside environment that you’ll like spending time in. If you have a large project, you should choose a landscaping company that can handle it with the appropriate equipment and the time to complete a thorough job. As a homeowner, you may wonder how much harm a landscaping firm would cause and the costs you must waste to hire the wrong landscaper.

There are many landscaping companies you can easily examine on the Internet or you can look for landscapers near your home. If you try to find a landscaping company on the Internet but nothing comes up, that is a problem.When you check reviews of the company that you want to choose, you see a lot of good feedback, which is a good sign, that company will bring you satisfaction with their work.

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