Yard Clean-Up Service – Simple Guide to Make Spring Life Easy

Ignoring the lawn care might cause some irreversible harm to your lawn as well as the beautiful landscape that you have spent the whole time turning into an appealing garden. There are two suitable times for doing your yard cleanup: the first is a spring yard cleanup, and the second time will happen in autumn to prepare for winter. In general, the fall clean-up service is to best support spring yard clean much easier. Find out more about our fall clean-up service!

spring yard clean up

Yard cleanup is a tough project requiring much time, money, and effort. A full yard clean-up includes debris and leaf removal, pruning and trimming trees or shrubs, edging, mowing grass, mulching gardens, weeds control, planting flower beds, maintenance, etc. What if you invested too much into your yard garden with the desire for a beautiful landscape and now it’s larger than you’ve ever thought? Could you clean up your yard thoroughly all alone?

The good news is that there are already several landscaping services that will help most homeowners with their yard property. You’d better have your lawn care and yard cleanup right after finding a company near you to have an estimated cost based on your lawn. This article will figure out 5 common questions you should know to prepare for yard clean-up service.

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When Should I Do Yard Cleanup?

In common, spring and fall are two common seasons that almost all homeowners should do their lawn care. Because a full yard clean-up project includes a bunch of work including not only raking leaves, leaf removal but also getting rid of fungus, disease, insects,… you should have your yard clean as soon as possible. It’s also a better way to prepare a good space for guests gathering into your yard, blooming plants and flowers, enjoying the fresh atmosphere.

Spring Yard Cleanup

There are many trees or shrubs shedding their leaves or leaving their dead branches over the winter storms into your yard in the early spring. The debris from plants in the winter will prevent the new growth of lush green trees and the soil from becoming a bad physical condition for any plants to generate and bloom. This bad condition will have a strong impact on your lawn health that they’re hard to be verdant again because of lack of lawn care.

lawn care

Spring yard cleanup service includes some crucial activities:

  • Pruning and trimming trees
  • Debris and leaf removal
  • Clean up dead branches
  • Edging
  • Fertilize
  • Seeding
  • Loosen the soil
  • Mowing grass

Fall Yard Cleanup

One more season that is always recommended for lawn care is in the autumn. Fall brings along its appealing colors of leaves. However, it is also a season in which plants in your yard garden dry out and break off their leaf. Many clean-up service companies in the fall are at the busiest time of the year for taking care of yard clean-up because of the ability of gutters or rot and preparation for the coming winter.

Landscaping experts always advise homeowners to have lawn care as soon as possible to avoid rot in their yard. A fall yard cleanup project provides:

  • Clean gutters
  • Prune shrubs
  • Fertilizer
  • Raking
  • Clean up dead foliage and debris
  • Mulch

fall yard

But actually, no matter which weather there is, it’s always time to clean up your yard when you notice any harm sign for your lawn. Don’t wait till the harsh weather conditions destroy your grass lawn and you’ll cry for it! Take the lawn care as soon as you can to protect your beautiful garden.


It is hard to say exactly how much a yard cleanup service costs because it depends on how big your yard is, what you want the professionals to do with your lawn, and which method they plan to use. The professional maintains knowledge and skill adequate to identify the plants in your yard and how to give proper care to them. Therefore, the price is also higher than you do yard clean-up by yourself and in return, the result of yard clean-up will deserve with the money you paid for services.

How Much Does Yard Cleanup Cost?

In common, the prices will vary per hour to hire a crew team, also per acre, per square, etc. You can ask the company you’re going to hire for an estimated price at the beginning before going to any written contract. Usually, they will give you a bill in which it breaks down each price corresponding to the amount of work. Of course, the bill includes waste removal costs!

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Average Cost for Yard Clean-up Service

As we said before, no one can inform the same-exact price for different homeowners with different types of yard gardens. But on average, you will expect to pay from $150 – $1.200 for hiring a professional team for a lawn between 1/5 acre and 1/3 acre. It even can cost $2.000 for an acre lawn including labor cost and clean-up service cost.

There are also some companies that calculate the cost by an hour which the national average cost is about $50 – $100 per hour. Professionals know the types of plants and the right tools for lawn care which will save you a bunch of time and effort.

Yard Clean Up Cost by Season

Spring clean-up and fall clean-up are two popular seasons for effective cleanup service. Do it in spring to collect debris leftover winter storms for new growth in the lawn garden and do it again in autumn to clear leaves falling into the yard and prepare for the frigid-upcoming winter. Its different nature in each season change makes the cost in turn different as well.


add fertilizer

Most companies charge the spring clean-up service about $100 – $300 in combined with additional services like mowing, adding fertilizer, so on. It’s better to mow the grass to encourage new green life and generate well before going to the harsh condition of summer. Moreover, after the strong wind from winter storms, your yard in the early spring will be filled with thatch, leaves, branches, and debris on the lawn ground which will suffocate and prevent each tree from reaching sunlight.


leaf removal

Meanwhile, the fall yard clean-up cost is higher than it in summer – between $200 – $500. This is the busiest time for almost all landscape companies because many and many gardeners also want to protect their lawn and have to deal with several tough works with frost and frigid wind to do it alone.

In autumn, the dried pieces from falling leaves without cleaning will make gutters and rots in your soil and it’s hard to re-generate new seed or grass. The project will become much tougher and include more services to be well-maintained, so the cost is in turn much higher.

Yard Clean Up Cost by Task

Yard clean-up service is an expansive project that includes many tasks from clearing debris to lawn maintenance. Each work requires the right tools to do with different methods and skills. Therefore, the cost will vary depending on which task you need to do and the method used for that service.


Trimming is to shape a tree followed by your desire, meanwhile pruning is to collect and ruin unwanted branches or roots around the lawn ground. That’s why the cost between them will have a bit of difference.

For trimming a tree, it charges gardeners a big amount, between $100 and $700, depending on the type of that tree, as well as the shape you want it to be. It should be done at least twice a year to keep the beauty of flower beds along your curbs. Shrubs and some trees spread so quickly that they might grow over your hedges and hidden insects will attack your property. The longer you let them overrun, the bigger mistakes your lawn has to bear.

flower beds along a curb

You will expect to pay about $75 – $500 to prune a tree. The cost to prune a shrub is much easier – about $50 – $70. Whether there are lush green shrubs or trees, unnecessary branches should be removed at the end of winter and early spring. However, not all types of them could be done at that time. Like flower shrubs, you’ll want to notice the process of blooming to have pruning before new buds start generating on its wood.

flower shrubs


The most effective methods to clean up leaves and debris are to rake and vacuum. The cost for debris removal is from $100 – $400. This will depend on the size of your yard and how many leaves fell into your landscaping. The responsibility of a landscaping company is to clean every single leaf and remove that debris.

This price has included mulching leaves and noticing any mold and disease signs to inform you for handling timely. If not, once leaves are left in your lawn too long, it will produce a stinking smell and rot which will hide insects below them and damage your lawn health.

leaf removal


To hire a crew team for adding mulch to the garden or yard, this cost will depend on the number of cubic of organic mulch applied to your lawn. In common, it’s from $35 to $100 for a cubic. It should be done in the early spring and after edging flower beds and trimming trees. Don’t add mulch too early if you don’t want to make it counterproductive to your lawn.

mulch layer

Adding mulch to the lawn will maintain the moisture of soil, keep it warm, and prevent it from erosion after “fast-and-thick” rain and winter storms. Moreover, mulch will protect the roots system of flora in your yard, as well as prevent weeds from growing when mulch is combined with a weed barrier.

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For weed control in the early spring, the cost to apply weed treatment is between $60 and $150 per time. There are several ways to control weed on your lawn: pull by hand, use pre and post-emergent herbicide, so on. You need to minimize weeds when it’s still a few inches on the ground. Once weed reaches its maturity and the tough roots become more stubborn, the weed control job will turn into hard ever.

Weeds belong to the grass family but are more persistent. That’s why weeds will constantly generate and grow near your lawn and destroy the landscaping yard you’ve built. Using chemical herbicides is the most effective way to control weeds’ growth.

weeds in lawn

However, this way might kill other trees in your garden by accident if you don’t have knowledge adequate to spray it. That’s the reason why you should hire professional weeds killers to best protect your lawn from the intrusion of weeds. Take a look at our effective weed control service!


On average, the cost for yard maintenance is about $25 – $80 for each visit. Maintenance services could include yard and lawn maintenance, aerating, seeding, and adding fertilizer. Some companies might charge an extra price for landscape labor with an average of $45 – $70 per hour for each person. Moreover, you might expect to pay more for fertilization, which a fertilizer package costs $50 on average.



A thorough lawn care service includes many tasks to finish in all weather, with no exception for autumn or spring. The following tasks will contain full services for your yard consideration. You can choose to hire a professional team, or DIY depending on the complicated level of each job. Also, it is already in order from amateur to most complicated level!

  • Leaf Clean-Up
  • Yard/Tree Debris Removal
  • Garden Clean-Up
  • Planting flower beds
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Seeding
  • Shrub prune
  • Trimming
  • Reducing overgrown trees
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Mulching
  • Weed control
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree removal


Whenever the state of your lawn appears some signals and require you to take a thorough service for lawn care, just find and hire a local landscaper to do a yard cleanup job. The best time in the year is at two times we mentioned before: early spring and autumn.

When Should I Hire a Yard Clean-up Service?

However, you should consider finding all information about the landscaper you’re planning to contact. Feel free to search on the Internet because all experienced and skilled companies will obviously provide as much information as they can to clients. They want their customers to believe in their brand name. If you cannot find anything about one service company on the Internet, that would be a bad sign that you don’t want to hire for the best landscaping your yard garden.

Or you should try to find any landscaper in your local area to check directly before going to deal with them. It would be one of the best ways to know whether that address provides good or bad services and whether they destroy your lawn yard.


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