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Artificial Turf – 5 Reasons Why to Think Before Installation

If you’ve got trouble with brown spots on your lawn for a long time, which you can hardly stand to watch, using fake grasses to bury your dead stretch of property would become ideal for almost all homeowners. Natural grass can charge you a high cost with lawn maintenance, chemicals, pesticides, water bills, as well

Vinegar Weed Kill: How to Make and Use Vinegar

Any homeowners also have to face garden weeds. Luckily, there is a number of ways to help you control weed growth, including chemical and natural weed killer. And vinegar is one of the best solutions involved in organic options of weed control which is less harsh than other herbicides. However, just because vinegar is considered

Types of Irrigation Sprinkler Heads – Green Arbor Landscaping

Your landscape is a mixture of many different types of plants requiring different methods of watering to provide enough water for a healthy lawn. As some research, you can save about 50 – 70% of your water bill just by the way you combine the correct sprinkler heads in the same zone in your landscape.

Organic Mulch – 8 Best Types for Your Yard

Have you ever heard about the term “organic mulch”? Well, it is actually your fairy godmother for your garden, especially a vegetable garden, to provide a healthy picnic than ever. Organic mulches blanket your garden soil and protect the lawn from weed growth, and dying winds in several ways. Although any organic or inorganic mulch

Brown Patches in Lawn: Causes, Identification, and Prevention

Apparently, no one wants their beautiful green stretch of grass filled up with patches of brown, dead grass – which is officially called “brown patch”. If there is no timely action to prevent these brown spots, it will light up an alarming and frustrating situation ruining your lush green lawn. Brown patch in lawn is

How to Build Slope Retaining Wall with Steps

Retaining walls add attraction and outdoor space value to your landscape, especially for a sloped yard. It is the most natural way to control eroding, provide usable space for your home, reduce steep slopes or problems related to slopes add more unique planting bed designs and create the focal points for your landscape garden. Building

Installing Landscape Lighting Manufacturer Near Me

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to enhance your outdoor landscape, especially with low-voltage lighting. Most people want to design their unique outdoor living and the desire to make it be one-of-a-kind will go along with making a project of installing a number of lighting services, including its installation and light fixture. Your

Garden Boulders – Feature Landscape Design for Garden

If you are a person with artistic instincts who are deeply into creating functional and colorful landscapes for your garden spaces, it’s time you should say goodbye to the ordinary landscaping design! The placement of landscape boulders has become the new trend for almost all landscapers to enhance the curb appeal of their garden design